I am 33y.o male who lives on the outskirts of manchester.uk, in a small town stalybridge
All though i have used computers for many years i have only been homing my skills deeper within the last year.
Within that time i have studied how to build a desk and and also how a laptop works,i have gained knowledge in operating systems, security both on and off line, explored a vast amount different of different software ranging form small art programmes to extensive video, i have also done some minor web page designing and build with a small amount coding done as well.
All this has been self taught within the last 12 months through research, dedication and a desire to learn and extent my knowledge on computers and computing.
So it seamed a natural progression to move over to linux as i am a strong believer and massive fan of the who concept of shareware and open source software.It also made the move to linux alot easier to make as there has been alot of positives reveiws on how stable and user friendly ubuntu has become.
And that brings me this point now 2 weeks into using Ubuntu. im so excited at the prospect of the mass of possibilities availible for me to explore,learn and ultimately become a part of the the awesome community.So if any can aid,guide,share and info blogs , experience or just good old fashioned manner i am grateful and thankful.

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