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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
klibc Debian Buster 2.0.6-1+deb10u1 None
klibc Debian Sid 2.0.6-1 None
klibc Debian Lenny 1.5.12-2lenny1 None
klibc Debian Experimental 2.0~rc1-1experimental1 None
klibc Ubuntu Oneiric 1.5.22-1 powerpc i386 armel amd64
klibc Debian Squeeze 1.5.20-1+squeeze1 None
klibc Ubuntu Maverick 1.5.20-1 None
usplash-theme-debian Ubuntu Maverick 5 None
usplash-theme-debian Debian Sid 5 None
klibc Ubuntu Karmic 1.5.15-1 None