Team participation for Mantas Kriaučiūnas

Mantas Kriaučiūnas is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
ASUS U Series laptop 2010-02-20 Member Not subscribed
Baltix GNU/Linux activists 2009-09-28 Owner
Baltix GNU/Linux system developers 2006-01-13 Owner
Baltix oem-archive 2012-10-25 Owner
ClipGrab Team 2015-09-13 Member
Cuneiform Linux 2009-07-17 Member Not subscribed
Derivative Team 2007-03-15 Member
Elementary Lithuanian translators 2012-06-21 Owner
Extreme Tux Racer Team 2013-05-20 Member Subscribed
Free Heroes 2 Team 2012-12-09 Member
Gnome-Shell-Extensions developers 2012-06-02 Owner
Gpoweroff Developers 2012-03-17 Member
Ispell-LT team 2009-04-17 Member
Keryx Development Team 2011-12-05 Member Subscribed
LXDE 2008-03-08 Admin
LXQt team 2015-12-02 Member
Launchpad Beta Testers 2007-03-22 Member
Launchpad Lithuanian Translators 2010-12-10 Admin Subscribed
Lithuanian translation team for Linux Mint 2010-06-02 Member
Lubuntu 2009-09-28 Member
Me TV Administration 2011-08-08 Admin
Me TV Development 2012-02-20 Member
My mom runs ubuntu! 2013-04-29 Member
Numix Maintainers 2016-02-04 Member Not subscribed
OpenERP Community (OBSOLETE) 2009-02-10 Member
OpenERP Lithuanian Translators 2009-08-28 Member Subscribed
Qimo Developers 2010-06-07 Member Not subscribed
Quarry Team 2012-02-26 Member
Razor-qt DE 2011-12-27 Member
SKSS team 2011-08-11 Member
Smart package manager testing 2006-07-17 Member
StartUbuntu 2014-03-30 Member Subscribed
SuperTuxKart 2011-07-18 Member Not subscribed
U-lite Linux Project 2008-08-08 Member
Ubuntu Backports Testing Team 2007-02-28 Member
Ubuntu Kylin Members 2017-03-05 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Kylin Quality Member Ubuntu Kylin Members Not subscribed
Ubuntu Lithuanian Translators 2006-02-21 Member
Ubuntu Welcome Window Team 2010-10-21 Member Subscribed
UbuntuKylin Community Team Member Ubuntu Kylin Members
UbuntuKylin Documentation Team Member Ubuntu Kylin Members
Ubuntu[sci] team 2009-10-02 Member Not subscribed
Ue-devel 2005-12-05 Member
VCMI - Heroes3 recreated 2013-02-16 Owner
Vinux/Ubuntu 2018-04-16 Member
WHDD disk drive diagnostic and data recovery tool maintainers 2014-05-30 Owner
Wader 2008-08-05 Member
Weather Indicator Team 2014-02-06 Member Not subscribed
WillowNG Developers 2009-11-08 Member
ZGM Resource Page Developers 2009-07-05 Member
betavine-vodafone 2010-08-06 Member
bzr-doc-chinese-contributors Member Ubuntu Kylin Members
elementary Lithuanian Translators 2016-12-21 Member
elementary Translators (deprecated) Member elementary Lithuanian Translators Not subscribed
esteid 2010-10-11 Member
extundelete and ext4magic packagers 2013-02-25 Owner
gnome3-emblems 2014-04-26 Member
nautilus actions extra Team 2012-06-02 Member Subscribed
nimbus-ubuntu 2009-10-05 Owner
python-messaging 2011-12-03 Member
timekpr discuss Member timekpr-maintainers Not subscribed
timekpr-maintainers 2010-03-11 Member portal developers 2009-10-13 Owner