Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ircd-ircu Ubuntu Bionic None
ircd-ircu Debian Sid None
python-pushy Debian Sid 0.5.1-1.1 None
python-pushy Ubuntu Saucy 0.5.3-1 None
ircd-ircu Debian Lenny None
gidentd Debian Lenny 0.4.5+dfsg1-0.2 None
gidentd Ubuntu Intrepid 0.4.5+dfsg1-0.2 None
ircd-ircu Ubuntu Hardy None
gidentd Ubuntu Hardy 0.4.5+dfsg1-0.1 None
gidentd Ubuntu Gutsy 0.4.5-7.3 None
qt-x11-free Ubuntu Hoary 3:3.3.3-7ubuntu3.1 None
gidentd Ubuntu Edgy 0.4.5-7.2 None
ircd-ircu Ubuntu Edgy None
gidentd Ubuntu Breezy 0.4.5-7.1 None
xfce-mcs-manager Ubuntu Hoary 4.0.6-1 None
xfprint4 Ubuntu Hoary 4.0.6-1ubuntu1 None
xffm4 Ubuntu Hoary 4.0.6-1 None
xfdesktop4 Ubuntu Hoary 4.0.6-1 None
xfce4-utils Ubuntu Hoary 4.0.6-1 None
xfce4-themes Ubuntu Hoary 4.0.6-1 None
ircd-irc2 Ubuntu Hoary 2.11.0-1 None
gtk2-engines-xfce Ubuntu Hoary 2.1.10-1 None
xfwm4-themes Ubuntu Warty None
xfwm4 Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfprint4 Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xffm4-icons Ubuntu Warty None
xffm4 Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfdesktop4 Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-3 None
xfce4-utils Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-2 None
xfce4-trigger-launcher Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce4-toys Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce4-themes Ubuntu Warty None
xfce4-systray Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce4-panel Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-4 None
xfce4-mixer Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce4-iconbox Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce4 Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce-mcs-plugins Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfce-mcs-manager Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
xfcalendar Ubuntu Warty 0.1.8-1 None
qt-x11-free Ubuntu Warty 3:3.2.3-4ubuntu1 None
libxfcegui4 Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-2 None
libxfce4util Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-1 None
libxfce4mcs Ubuntu Warty 4.0.5-2 None
ircd-ircu Ubuntu Warty amd64
ircd-irc2 Ubuntu Warty 2.10.3p5-2 None
ircd Ubuntu Warty 3.0 None
gtk2-engines-xfce Ubuntu Warty 2.1.8-1.1 None
gidentd Ubuntu Warty 0.4.5-7 None
dbh Ubuntu Warty 1.0.15-1 None
150 of 50 results