PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
openntpd OpenNTPd for Ubuntu 16.04 - Ubuntu Xenial 1:6.2p3-1tsi1 None
debhelper OpenNTPd for Ubuntu 16.04 - Ubuntu Xenial 10.2.2ubuntu1+xenial0 None
phpiredis non-cloud: php7 - Ubuntu Trusty 0.0+git+a64e3bf-0+syseleven2 None
php-redis non-cloud: php7 - Ubuntu Trusty 3.0.0-0+syseleven1 None
python-consul sys11stack - Ubuntu Xenial 0.6.1-0+syseleven3 None
stacktach-quincy stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3+git+30a64c67c1-1+syseleven18 None
python-carrot stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.10.7-1.1+syseleven2 None
stacktach-winchester stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.57+git+54f3ffc-1+syseleven4 None
yagi stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.23+git+74a216289a-1+syseleven10 None
stacktach-shoebox stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.7+git+542545468b-1+syseleven2 None
stacktach-quince stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3+git+4b2cd52264-1+syseleven3 None
stacktach-stackdistiller stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.12+git+b13bcb7513-1+syseleven5 None
stacktach-simport stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.2+git+8ff276f548-1+syseleven4 None
stacktach-notigen stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3+git+ebfaf8e965-1+syseleven4 None
stacktach-notification-utils stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3+git+c5b313c297-1+syseleven2 None
pubsubhubbub-publisher stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 1.0-1+syseleven2 None
stacktach-notabene stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.2+git+87982578e8-1+syseleven4 None
stacktach-klugman stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.5+git+d64a16bf2f-1+syseleven2 None
stacktach-timex stacktach - Ubuntu Xenial 0.21+git+fb16776f9d-1+syseleven5 None
phpiredis non-cloud: phpiredis - Ubuntu Trusty 0.0+git+704c08c-0+syseleven3 None
stacktach-winchester stacktach - Ubuntu Trusty 0.57+git+54f3ffc-1+syseleven1 None
yagi stacktach - Ubuntu Trusty 0.23+git+74a216289a-1+syseleven8 None
stacktach-quincy stacktach - Ubuntu Trusty 0.3+git+30a64c67c1-1+syseleven10 None
mpt3sas non-cloud: dkms - Ubuntu Trusty None
php-imagick non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.2-1build1+syseleven1 None
php-memcached non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 2.1.0-6build1+syseleven3 None
php-json non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 1.3.2-2build1+syseleven1 None
php-ssh2 non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 0.12-1build1+syseleven1 None
php-redis non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.4-1build2+syseleven1 None
xdebug non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.3-2build1+syseleven1 None
php5 non-cloud: php54 - Ubuntu Trusty 1:5.4.42-1+deb.sury.org~trusty+1+syseleven4 None
hpsa Packages required for OpenStack Kilo - Ubuntu Trusty None
175 of 245 results