Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
udevil Debian Sid 0.4.4-3.1 None
evilwm Debian Sid 1.4.3-1 None
obconf Debian Sid 1:2.0.4+git20150213-3 None
jgmenu Debian Sid 4.4.1-2 None
gxkb Debian Sid 0.9.5-1 None
openbox Debian Sid 3.6.1-12 None
spacefm Debian Sid 1.0.6-7 None
volumeicon Debian Sid 0.5.1+git20230228-1 None
volumeicon Ubuntu Jammy 0.5.1+git20170117-1build2 None
spacefm Ubuntu Jammy 1.0.6-5build1 None
obconf Ubuntu Jammy 1:2.0.4+git20150213-2build1 None
openbox-menu Debian Sid 0.8.0+hg20161009-3.1 None
volumeicon Ubuntu Eoan 0.5.1+git20170117-1build1 None
simpleburn Ubuntu Bionic 1.8.0-1build1 None
gxkb Debian Experimental 0.7.9-1 None
openbox Debian Jessie 3.5.2-8+deb8u1 None
simpleburn Debian Sid 1.8.0-1 None
spacefm Debian Experimental 0.9.4+git20140406-1 None
obconf Debian Experimental 1:2.0.4+git20130908-2 None
spacefm Ubuntu Trusty 0.9.0-1ubuntu1 None
120 of 20 results