Team participation for Matt Griffin

Matt Griffin is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
(DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team 2009-05-04 Member
Apocryphal Alumni 2017-04-13 Member
Ayatana Discussion 2010-04-01 Member Subscribed
Central US LoCo's Member Ubuntu Texas LoCo Team, Ubuntu Dallas
Daniel Holbach Huggers 2011-04-12 Member
Social Networks Team 2010-04-22 Member Subscribed
US Teams Project Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu Advertising 2010-12-08 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Chumby Hackers 2009-06-01 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Dallas 2009-10-02 Member
Ubuntu Illinois LoCo Team Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Dallas
Ubuntu TV Interest Group 2011-11-21 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Texas LoCo Team 2009-11-24 Member
Ubuntu-Tour Team Member Ubuntu Advertising Not subscribed