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ilmbase (1.0.2-3.1) maverick; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * Added explicit copy constructors to Imath::Matrix33<T> and
	  ImathMatrix44<T> to make conversions between float and double
	  matrices more convenient.
	  (Florian Kainz)
  * Added slerpShortestArc() and euclideanInnerProduct() functions
	  to Imath::Quat<T>.
	  (Nick Porcino)
  * Added 4D vector class template Imath::Vec4<T>.
	  (Nick Porcino)
  * Copy constructors and assignment operators for Matrix33<T>
	  and Matrix44<T> are up to 25% faster.  Added matrix constructors
	  that do not initialize the matrix (this is faster in cases where
	  the initial value of the matrix is immediately overwritten anyway).
	  (Nick Porcino)
  * Rewrote function closestPointOnBox(point,box).  Shortened
	  the code, improved numerical accuracy, fixed a bug where
	  closestPointOnBox(,box) would return the center
	  of the +Z side of the box, even if the +/-X or +/-Y sides
	  were closer.
	  (Florian Kainz)
  * Rewrote function findEntryAndExitPoints() in ImathBoxAlgo.h.
	  Results are now consistent with those from intersect(), also
	  in ImathBoxAlgo.h.
	  (Florian Kainz)
  * Made Vec2<T>::length() and Vec3<T>::length() more accurate for
	  vectors whose length is less than sqrt(limits<T>::smallest());
	  (Florian Kainz)
  * Made Quat<T>::angle() more accurate for small angles.
	  (Don Hatch)

  * Wrote a patch so it would build correctly.
 -- Matthew Walker <email address hidden>   Sun, 17 Oct 2010 16:25:34 -0800

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