Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
debdelta Debian Sid 0.67 None
xmorph Debian Sid 1:20140707+nmu2.1 None
hp-ppd Debian Sid 0.9+nmu1 None
dvbstreamer Debian Sid 2.1.0-5.1 None
pygooglechart Debian Sid 0.4.0+git20180818 None
debdelta Debian Experimental 0.58exp None
libppd Debian Sid 2:0.10-7.3 None
xdelta3 Debian Wheezy 3.0.0.dfsg-1+deb7u1 None
xdelta3 Debian Jessie 3.0.8-dfsg-1+deb8u1 None
xdelta3 Debian Sid 3.0.11-dfsg-1 None
wfrog Debian Sid 0.8.2+svn973-1 None
debdelta Debian Jessie 0.50+3 None
waili Debian Sid 19990723-22.1 None
libppd Ubuntu Precise 2:0.10-7.1build1 arm64
xdelta3 Ubuntu Precise 3.0.0.dfsg-1build1 None
debdelta Ubuntu Precise 0.45 None
snmpkit Ubuntu Precise 0.9-16build1 None
hp-ppd Ubuntu Precise 0.9ubuntu2+really-0.2 None
waili Ubuntu Precise 19990723-20 None
gpr Ubuntu Precise 0.15deb-2 None
gpr Debian Sid 0.15deb-2 None
snmpkit Debian Sid 0.9-16 None
libprintsys Debian Sid 0.6-13 None
libprinterconf Debian Sid 0.5-12 None
libprintsys Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6-11.1 None
libppd Ubuntu Oneiric 2:0.10-7.1 None
xdelta3 Ubuntu Oneiric 3.0.0.dfsg-1 None
dvbstreamer Ubuntu Oneiric 2.1.0-2 None
gpr Ubuntu Oneiric 0.15deb-1 None
libprintsys Ubuntu Natty 0.6-11build1 None
libppd Ubuntu Natty 2:0.10-7build1 None
waili Ubuntu Natty 19990723-19build1 None
dvbstreamer Debian Experimental 2.0.0rc1-3 None
mplayer Debian Lenny 1.0~rc2-17+lenny3.2 None
debdelta Ubuntu Maverick 0.39trl None
printfilters-ppd Ubuntu Maverick 2.13-11.1 None
printfilters-ppd Debian Sid 2.13-11.1 None
debdelta Ubuntu Lucid 0.37 None
xmorph Ubuntu Lucid 1:20090926 arm64 arm64
waili Ubuntu Lucid 19990723-19 None
snmpkit Ubuntu Lucid 0.9-15 None
printfilters-ppd Ubuntu Lucid 2.13-11 None
libprintsys Ubuntu Lucid 0.6-11 None
gpr Ubuntu Lucid 0.15deb None
fuzzyocr Ubuntu Lucid 3.5.1+svn135-1.2 None
xdelta3 Debian Squeeze 0v2.dfsg-1.1 None
gpr Ubuntu Karmic 0.14deb1+nmu1 None
fuzzyocr Debian Sid 3.5.1+svn135-1.2 None
debdelta Ubuntu Karmic 0.30 None
xmorph Debian Squeeze 1:20090606 None
xmorph Ubuntu Karmic 1:20090606 None
fuzzyocr Ubuntu Karmic 3.5.1+svn135-1.1 None
debdelta Debian Squeeze 0.28 None
mplayer Debian Sid 1.0~rc2-20 None
libppd Ubuntu Jaunty 2:0.10-7 None
fuzzyocr Ubuntu Jaunty 3.5.1+svn135-1 None
debdelta Ubuntu Jaunty 0.27 None
xmorph Debian Lenny 1:20071230.1 None
xdelta3 Debian Lenny 0s.dfsg-1 None
waili Debian Lenny 19990723-18 None
snmpkit Debian Lenny 0.9-14 None
printfilters-ppd Debian Lenny 2.13-9 None
mplayer-blue Debian Lenny 1.6-2 None
libprintsys Debian Lenny 0.6-10 None
libprinterconf Debian Lenny 0.5-11 None
libppd Debian Lenny 2:0.10-6 None
hp-ppd Debian Lenny 0.9-0.1 None
gpr Debian Lenny 0.14deb1 None
debdelta Debian Lenny 0.27 None
fuzzyocr3 Ubuntu Intrepid 3.5.1-2 None
printfilters-ppd Ubuntu Intrepid 2.13-9 None
debdelta Ubuntu Intrepid 0.26 None
xmorph Ubuntu Intrepid 1:20071230.1 None
snmpkit Ubuntu Intrepid 0.9-14 None
libprintsys Ubuntu Intrepid 0.6-10 None
175 of 136 results