FLOSS advocate.
Free/Libre software should be the norm, not the exception.

The democratisation of use and full access to Free/Libre Software and Open Formats is increasingly important in a world where proprietary software, closed formats and the end of Net Neutrality are tools for social control, surveillance and market monopoly through creation of artificial scarcity.

These are clear threats to people's freedoms and we should fight them by bringing forth alternatives and choice - a way out of an increasingly closed digital ecosystem. By restoring the Commons in the digital world, against the ever menacing digital Enclosures.*

It is our duty to collaborate in our different Communities, so we are able to provide good quality, user-friendly Free/Libre Software to all Human Beings**, to achieve shared prosperity for all.

* Yes, I'm referring to primitive accumulation of capital, by the same people who already had a ton of it, since wealth is inherited or captured, not created. Go read a book.
**(and future sentient machines - IoT connected chromed toasters have feelings too).

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