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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
liberasurecode Ubuntu Precise 1.1.0-2~ubuntu12.04.1 2015-11-20 None
liberasurecode Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.0-2~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-20 None
dianara Ubuntu Wily 1.3.2-1~ubuntu15.10.1 2015-11-17 None
dianara Ubuntu Vivid 1.3.2-1~ubuntu15.04.1 2015-11-17 None
dianara Ubuntu Trusty 1.3.2-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-17 None
gcalcli Ubuntu Trusty 3.3.2-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-16 None
parsedatetime Ubuntu Trusty 1.4-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-16 None
chemps2 Ubuntu Trusty 1.6-1build1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-01 None
keepalived Ubuntu Trusty 1:1.2.13-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-01 None
php-apcu Ubuntu Trusty 4.0.7-1build1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-11-01 None
python-ldap3 Ubuntu Trusty 2015-10-21 None
transdecoder Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.1+dfsg-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-10-21 None
transdecoder Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.1+dfsg-1~ubuntu15.04.1 2015-10-21 None
xiphos Ubuntu Wily 4.0.0+dfsg1-0ubuntu2 2015-10-20 ppc64el
libnss-securepass Ubuntu Trusty 0~20141025.0git2299135-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-10-04 None
ocamlnet Ubuntu Wily 3.7.3-4build2 2015-08-25 None
udj-desktop-client Ubuntu Wily 0.6.3-1build1 2015-08-25 None
linux-minidisc Ubuntu Wily 0.9.13-1build2 2015-08-25 None
qlix Ubuntu Wily 0.2.6-0ubuntu5 2015-08-24 None
splay Ubuntu Wily 2015-08-24 None
soundkonverter Ubuntu Wily 2.1.2-1build1 2015-08-24 None
ripperx Ubuntu Wily 2.8.0-1build1 2015-08-23 None
tellico Ubuntu Wily 2.3.9+dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 2015-08-23 None
pytaglib Ubuntu Wily 0.3.6+dfsg-2build3 2015-08-23 None
tagpy Ubuntu Wily 2013.1-4build1 2015-08-23 None
ncmpcpp Ubuntu Wily 0.6.4-1build1 2015-08-23 None
musique Ubuntu Wily 1.1-2.1build1 2015-08-23 None
ocaml-taglib Ubuntu Wily 0.3.1-1build2 2015-08-23 None
taglib-extras Ubuntu Wily 1.0.1-3build1 2015-08-23 None
mythtv Ubuntu Wily 2:0.27.1+fixes.20140624.aa822f5-0ubuntu6 2015-08-23 None
knowthelist Ubuntu Wily 2.3.0-2build1 2015-08-23 None
iripdb Ubuntu Wily 0.1.3b-1.1ubuntu2 2015-08-23 None
imms Ubuntu Wily 3.1.0~svn301-3.1build1 2015-08-23 None
gogglesmm Ubuntu Wily 0.12.7-3build1 2015-08-23 None
cowbell Ubuntu Wily 2015-08-23 None
auralquiz Ubuntu Wily 0.8.1-1build1 2015-08-23 None
acoustid-fingerprinter Ubuntu Wily 0.6-4build1 2015-08-23 None
haproxy Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.4-1ubuntu2.1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-08-23 None
hplip Ubuntu Trusty 3.14.3-0ubuntu3.5 2015-08-03 None
syslog-ng Ubuntu Wily 3.5.6-2build1 2015-07-29 None
python-hiredis Ubuntu Wily 0.1.4-1build1 2015-07-29 None
ruby-hiredis Ubuntu Wily 0.5.1-2build2 2015-07-29 None
spatialite Ubuntu Wily 4.3.0-1build1 2015-07-22 None
ruby-narray Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
gnudatalanguage Ubuntu Wily 0.9.5-2build1 2015-07-16 None
flexpart Ubuntu Wily 9.02-10build1 2015-07-16 None
flextra Ubuntu Wily 5.0-2.1build1 2015-07-16 None
pygrib Ubuntu Wily 2.0.0-3build1 2015-07-15 None
smokeqt Ubuntu Wily 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu2 2015-07-15 None
sqliteman Ubuntu Wily 1.2.2-0ubuntu7 2015-07-15 None
kscope Ubuntu Wily 1.9.4-2build3 2015-07-15 None
zmap Ubuntu Wily 1.2.1-1build1 2015-07-15 None
monkeystudio Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-13 None
universalindentgui Ubuntu Wily 1.2.0-1build3 2015-07-13 None
tora Ubuntu Wily 2.1.3-2build3 2015-07-13 None
juffed Ubuntu Wily 0.9.1137-1ubuntu5 2015-07-13 None
opencolorio Ubuntu Wily 1.0.9~dfsg0-3build2 2015-07-13 None
fnotifystat Ubuntu Vivid 0.01.12-1~ubuntu15.04.1 2015-07-12 None
lintian Ubuntu Wily 2.5.32ubuntu2 2015-07-09 None
analog Ubuntu Wily 2:6.0-20ubuntu2 2015-07-03 None
goffice Ubuntu Wily 0.10.22-1ubuntu1 2015-07-03 ppc64el powerpc
spark Ubuntu Wily 2012.0.deb-9build1 2015-07-01 None
boinc Ubuntu Trusty 7.2.47+dfsg-3~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-06-29 None
nautilus-hide Ubuntu Precise 0.1.2-1~ubuntu12.04.1 2015-06-28 None
nautilus-hide Ubuntu Trusty 0.1.2-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-06-28 None
nautilus-hide Ubuntu Utopic 0.1.2-1~ubuntu14.10.1 2015-06-28 None
nautilus-hide Ubuntu Vivid 0.1.2-1~ubuntu15.04.1 2015-06-28 None
networking-hyperv Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04.1 2015-06-28 None
knemo Ubuntu Wily 0.7.6-2ubuntu3 2015-06-26 armhf
fonts-noto Ubuntu Trusty 2015-05-11+cjk-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-06-23 None
fonts-noto Ubuntu Utopic 2015-05-11+cjk-1~ubuntu14.10.1 2015-06-23 None
fonts-noto Ubuntu Vivid 2015-05-11+cjk-1~ubuntu15.04.1 2015-06-23 None
uget Ubuntu Precise 1.10.4-1ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1 2015-06-23 None
hplip Ubuntu Utopic 3.14.6-1ubuntu1.1 2015-06-23 None
qgis Ubuntu Wily 2.4.0-1ubuntu3 2015-06-14 None
175 of 844 results