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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libcgi-application-plugin-authentication-perl Ubuntu Wily 0.20-3ubuntu1 2015-05-21 None
xfwm4 Ubuntu Wily 4.12.3-1ubuntu1 2015-05-20 None
qbittorrent Ubuntu Utopic 3.1.11-1~ubuntu14.10.1 2015-05-20 None
qbittorrent Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.11-1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-05-20 None
swig Ubuntu Trusty 3.0.2-1ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-05-19 None
virtualbox Ubuntu Wily 4.3.26-dfsg-3build1 2015-05-19 None
voms Ubuntu Wily 2.0.12-1build1 2015-05-19 None
lcgdm Ubuntu Wily 1.8.9-1build1 2015-05-19 None
gridsite Ubuntu Wily 2.2.5-1build1 2015-05-19 None
cgsi-gsoap Ubuntu Wily 1.3.7-1build1 2015-05-19 None
davix Ubuntu Wily 0.4.0-1build1 2015-05-19 None
psychtoolbox-3 Ubuntu Wily 2015-05-18 None
gpac Ubuntu Wily 0.5.0+svn5324~dfsg1-1build1 2015-05-18 None
stardict Ubuntu Wily 3.0.1-9.2ubuntu2 2015-05-18 None
octave-symbolic Ubuntu Wily 1.1.0-3build2 2015-05-14 None
swiginac Ubuntu Wily 2015-05-14 None
syfi Ubuntu Wily 1.0.0.dfsg-1.2build2 2015-05-14 None
sagan Ubuntu Wily 1.0.0~RC4-0ubuntu2 2015-05-14 None
mythtv Ubuntu Wily 2:0.27.1+fixes.20140624.aa822f5-0ubuntu4 2015-05-14 None
ffmpeg Ubuntu Wily 7:2.6.2-1build1 2015-05-13 None
opal Ubuntu Wily 3.10.10~dfsg2-1build2 2015-05-13 None
gst-plugins-ugly1.0 Ubuntu Wily 1.4.5-1ubuntu3 2015-05-13 None
libav Ubuntu Wily 6:11.3-3build1 2015-05-13 None
gst-plugins-ugly0.10 Ubuntu Wily 0.10.19-2.1ubuntu2 2015-05-13 None
xpra Ubuntu Wily 0.14.18+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2015-05-13 None
handbrake Ubuntu Wily 0.10.1+ds1-2build1 2015-05-13 None
libquicktime Ubuntu Wily 2:1.2.4-7build1 2015-05-13 None
ardour3 Ubuntu Utopic 3.5.403~dfsg-3~ubuntu14.10.1 2015-05-03 None
ardour3 Ubuntu Trusty 3.5.403~dfsg-3~ubuntu14.04.1 2015-05-03 None
xubuntu-meta Ubuntu Trusty 2.180 2014-04-10 None
xubuntu-default-settings Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.2 2014-03-24 None
xfce4-weather-plugin Ubuntu Precise 0.7.4-5~ubuntu12.04.1 2014-01-23 None
bombono-dvd Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.2-0ubuntu1 2013-11-08 None
tovid Ubuntu Trusty 0.33-0ubuntu4 2013-11-06 None
love Ubuntu Trusty 0.8.0-6ubuntu2 2013-10-27 ppc64el
genometools Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.1-1ubuntu1 2013-10-27 arm64
amsn Ubuntu Trusty 0.98.9-1ubuntu3 2013-10-27 None
aiksaurus Ubuntu Saucy 1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.1ubuntu1 2013-10-14 None
libextractor-python Ubuntu Saucy 1:0.6-4ubuntu1 2013-09-09 None
lua-ldap Ubuntu Saucy 1.1.0-1-geeac494-4ubuntu1 2013-09-08 None
ubuntustudio-meta Ubuntu Saucy 0.117 2013-09-02 None
bbpager Ubuntu Saucy 0.4.7-3ubuntu2 2013-09-01 None
xfce4-settings Ubuntu Saucy 4.11.0-1ubuntu1 2013-08-29 None
gmusicbrowser Ubuntu Saucy 1.1.10-0ubuntu1 2013-08-29 None
xubuntu-meta Ubuntu Saucy 2.169 2013-08-28 None
libav-extra Ubuntu Saucy 6:0.8.7ubuntu1 2013-08-20 None
lcd4linux Ubuntu Saucy 0.11.0~svn1197-1ubuntu1 2013-08-14 None
xfwm4 Ubuntu Saucy 4.10.1-1ubuntu1 2013-08-09 None
python-dvdvideo Ubuntu Saucy 0.20130117ubuntu1 2013-07-25 None
osmo Ubuntu Saucy 0.2.10+svn928-2ubuntu1 2013-07-25 None
npapi-vlc Ubuntu Saucy 2.0.6-1ubuntu1 2013-07-25 None
debian-med Ubuntu Saucy 1.13.2ubuntu2 2013-07-23 None
dcraw Ubuntu Saucy 9.19-1.1ubuntu1 2013-07-21 None
python-warlock Ubuntu Saucy 1.0.1-1ubuntu1 2013-07-21 None
jai-core Ubuntu Saucy 1.1.4-3ubuntu1 2013-07-10 None
alembic Ubuntu Saucy 0.4.2+ds-3ubuntu1 2013-07-09 None
freecell-solver Ubuntu Saucy 3.20.0-1ubuntu1 2013-07-07 None
ttytter Ubuntu Quantal 2.1.0-1~ubuntu12.10.1 2013-04-29 None
ttytter Ubuntu Precise 2.1.0-1~ubuntu12.04.1 2013-04-29 None
libgsf Ubuntu Raring 1.14.26-1ubuntu1 2013-04-18 None
catfish Ubuntu Raring 0.6.3-0ubuntu1 2013-04-16 None
chromium-browser Ubuntu Raring 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu2 2013-03-28 armhf
apt-mirror Ubuntu Quantal 0.4.9-1~ubuntu12.10.1 2013-03-17 None
config-package-dev Ubuntu Lucid 5.0~ubuntu10.04.1 2013-03-17 None
config-package-dev Ubuntu Precise 5.0~ubuntu12.04.1 2013-03-17 None
config-package-dev Ubuntu Quantal 5.0~ubuntu12.10.1 2013-03-17 None
icedtea-web Ubuntu Raring 1.3.1-3ubuntu1 2013-03-08 None
pppconfig Ubuntu Raring 2.3.19ubuntu1 2013-03-07 None
parole Ubuntu Raring 0.5.0-0ubuntu1 2013-03-07 None
livecd-rootfs Ubuntu Raring 2.109 2013-03-06 None
xubuntu-default-settings Ubuntu Raring 13.04.2 2013-03-03 None
ubuntustudio-meta Ubuntu Raring 0.112 2013-02-06 None
evince Ubuntu Precise 3.4.0-0ubuntu1.5 2013-01-25 None
imagemagick Ubuntu Raring 8: 2013-01-23 None
synergy Ubuntu Precise 1.4.10-1ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1 2013-01-22 None
175 of 707 results