Team participation for spitfire

spitfire is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Launchpad Beta Testers 2009-01-26 Member
MediaInfo 2009-01-24 Owner
Quassel 2009-06-03 Owner
Tasque Packagers 2009-01-24 Member
Team for Thinkpad(tm) users 2009-01-24 Owner
Ubuntu 64-bit 2009-01-24 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu One discussion 2009-06-09 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Photographers 2009-01-23 Member Not subscribed
gnome-sharp2 fix 2009-01-26 Owner
intel linux graphics 2009-01-24 Owner
kde4-extras 2009-06-04 Owner
kde4-fixes 2009-06-04 Owner
kde4-l10n 2009-06-04 Owner
kde4-plasmoids 2009-06-04 Owner
nautilus-dropbox 2009-01-28 Owner
next-kernel 2009-01-25 Owner
next-media 2009-01-26 Owner
next-mono 2009-01-25 Owner