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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
qtsensors-opensource-src Ubuntu Trusty 5.2.1+dfsg-2ubuntu2 12 hours ago None
retext Ubuntu Trusty 4.1.2-1ubuntu1 2014-04-01 None
php-interbase Ubuntu Trusty 5.4.6-0ubuntu5 2014-03-28 None
qgis Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.1-2build2 2014-03-24 None
python-poppler-qt4 Ubuntu Trusty 0.16.3-2build3 2014-03-22 None
qttools-opensource-src Ubuntu Trusty 5.2.1-7ubuntu1 2014-03-18 None
qtmultimedia-opensource-src Ubuntu Trusty 5.2.1-0ubuntu4 2014-03-16 None
ubuntu-touch-meta Ubuntu Trusty 1.114 2014-03-15 None
qtwebkit-opensource-src Ubuntu Trusty 5.1.1-1ubuntu7 2014-03-15 None
python-coverage Ubuntu Trusty 3.7.1+dfsg.1-1ubuntu1 2014-03-12 None
gnome-panel Ubuntu Trusty 1:3.8.0-1ubuntu9 2014-03-11 None
d-feet Ubuntu Trusty 0.3.8+really0.3.6-0ubuntu1 2014-03-10 None
dh-python Ubuntu Trusty 1.20140128-1ubuntu4 2014-03-10 None
checkstyle Ubuntu Trusty 5.6-2build1 2014-03-09 None
python-secretstorage Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.0-1ubuntu1 2014-03-08 None
openmsx Ubuntu Trusty 0.10.0-1ubuntu1 2014-03-07 None
sphinx Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.2+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2014-03-07 None
wallch Ubuntu Trusty 4.0-0ubuntu3 2014-03-02 None
nifti2dicom Ubuntu Trusty 0.4.7-1ubuntu1 2014-03-01 None
shiboken Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.1-2ubuntu1 2014-02-19 None
python-misaka Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.2-1ubuntu5 2014-02-19 None
qtdeclarative-opensource-src Ubuntu Trusty 5.0.2-6ubuntu6 2014-02-18 None
python-csb Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.2+dfsg-2ubuntu1 2014-02-14 None
poppler Ubuntu Trusty 0.24.5-2ubuntu1 2014-02-05 None
uwsgi Ubuntu Trusty 2014-01-31 None
pyqt5 Ubuntu Trusty 5.2+dfsg-1ubuntu8 2014-01-30 None
licq Ubuntu Trusty 1.8.1-2build1 2014-01-29 None
fatrat Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.0~beta2-0ubuntu8 2014-01-29 None
0ad Ubuntu Trusty 0.0.15-2build1 2014-01-29 None
elementary Ubuntu Trusty 1.7.7-3ubuntu1 2014-01-26 None
maliit-framework Ubuntu Trusty 0.99.0+git20130615+97e8335-0ubuntu4 2014-01-24 None
pkg-kde-tools Ubuntu Trusty 0.15.12ubuntu1 2014-01-23 None
pepperflashplugin-nonfree Ubuntu Trusty 1.3ubuntu1 2014-01-23 None
suphp Ubuntu Trusty 0.7.2-0ubuntu1 2014-01-22 None
xpdf Ubuntu Trusty 3.03-15ubuntu1 2014-01-22 None
xkeyboard-config Ubuntu Trusty 2.10.1-1ubuntu1 2014-01-15 None
qtchooser Ubuntu Trusty 39-g4717841-1ubuntu1 2014-01-15 None
fonts-unfonts-core Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.3.is.1.0.2-080608-10ubuntu1 2014-01-15 None
python-savannaclient Ubuntu Trusty 0.4.0-0ubuntu2 2014-01-15 None
qt4-x11 Ubuntu Trusty 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu3 2014-01-14 None
pandas Ubuntu Trusty 0.13.0-2ubuntu1 2014-01-09 powerpc arm64
babelfish Ubuntu Trusty 0.4.0-1ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
owncloud-client Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.0+dfsg-4ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
pymia Ubuntu Trusty 0.1.5-1ubuntu1 2014-01-01 None
lintian4python Ubuntu Trusty 0.26hg1 2013-12-29 None
gdcm Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.4-1.1ubuntu2 2013-12-26 None
pdf2djvu Ubuntu Trusty 0.7.17-3ubuntu1 2013-12-26 None
matplotlib Ubuntu Trusty 1.3.1-1ubuntu2 2013-12-24 None
sip4 Ubuntu Trusty 4.15.3-1ubuntu1 2013-12-18 None
pillow Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.1-2ubuntu1 2013-12-10 None
vtk Ubuntu Trusty 5.8.0-14.1ubuntu1 2013-12-07 powerpc i386 armhf arm64 amd64
mia Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.12-1ubuntu1 2013-12-01 armhf
wxwidgets2.8 Ubuntu Trusty 2013-11-30 None
shatag Ubuntu Trusty 0.4.1-1ubuntu1 2013-11-22 None
nipy Ubuntu Trusty 0.3.0-1ubuntu2 2013-11-18 ppc64el
python-imaging Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.7+2.0.0-1.1ubuntu1 2013-11-18 None
nitime Ubuntu Trusty 0.4-2ubuntu1 2013-11-14 None
nipype Ubuntu Trusty 0.8-1ubuntu1 2013-11-14 None
evolution Ubuntu Trusty 3.8.5-2ubuntu1 2013-11-07 None
qtserialport-opensource-src Ubuntu Trusty 5.1.1-1ubuntu3 2013-11-06 None
evolution-ews Ubuntu Trusty 3.8.5-2ubuntu1 2013-11-03 None
pyqt5 Ubuntu Saucy 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 2013-10-09 None
qtsensors-opensource-src Ubuntu Saucy 5.0~git20130507-0ubuntu3 2013-09-25 None
pandas Ubuntu Saucy 0.12.0-2ubuntu1 2013-09-24 arm64
python-defaults Ubuntu Saucy 2.7.5-5ubuntu1 2013-09-19 None
xpdf Ubuntu Raring 3.03-10ubuntu1.1 2013-09-19 None
resiprocate Ubuntu Saucy 1.8.13-1ubuntu1 2013-09-14 None
xpdf Ubuntu Saucy 3.03-11ubuntu6 2013-09-11 None
python-gnupg Ubuntu Saucy 0.3.5-1svn1 2013-09-06 None
qt4-x11 Ubuntu Raring 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9.4 2013-09-05 None
pkg-kde-tools Ubuntu Saucy 0.15.8ubuntu1 2013-09-03 None
wxwidgets2.8 Ubuntu Saucy 2013-08-23 None
unetbootin Ubuntu Saucy 575-1ubuntu2 2013-08-09 None
python-docutils Ubuntu Saucy 0.11-1svn1 2013-08-08 None
gedit-plugins Ubuntu Saucy 3.8.3-1ubuntu1 2013-08-03 None
175 of 120 results