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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
metacity Ubuntu Yakkety 1:3.20.3-1ubuntu2 2016-10-04 None
libgweather Ubuntu Trusty 3.10.2-0ubuntu3 2016-09-10 None
plasma-integration Ubuntu Yakkety 5.7.2-0ubuntu2 2016-09-08 None
libgweather Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.2-0ubuntu0.1 2016-09-07 None
gnome-flashback Ubuntu Yakkety 3.20.2-1ubuntu2 2016-09-04 None
rhythmbox Ubuntu Yakkety 3.4-1ubuntu3 2016-08-29 None
metacity Ubuntu Xenial 1:3.18.7-0ubuntu0.1 2016-08-24 None
gnome-panel Ubuntu Xenial 1:3.18.3-0ubuntu0.1 2016-08-14 None
gnome-panel Ubuntu Yakkety 1:3.20.1-1ubuntu1 2016-08-13 None
compiz Ubuntu Yakkety 1: 2016-08-10 None
libwnck3 Ubuntu Yakkety 3.20.1-1build1 2016-08-08 None
breathe Ubuntu Yakkety 4.2.0-2git1 2016-07-07 None
qtbase-opensource-src Ubuntu Xenial 5.5.1+dfsg-16ubuntu7 2016-04-12 None
qjackctl Ubuntu Xenial 0.4.2-0ubuntu2 2016-04-07 None
python-keyring Ubuntu Xenial 7.3-1ubuntu1 2016-03-15 None
sphinx Ubuntu Xenial 1.3.6-2ubuntu1 2016-03-05 None
session-shortcuts Ubuntu Xenial 1.1 2016-03-01 None
pyresample Ubuntu Xenial 1.1.5-0ubuntu2 2016-02-18 None
gnome-flashback Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.2-1ubuntu1 2016-02-18 None
setuptools-scm Ubuntu Xenial 1.10.1-2ubuntu1 2016-01-30 None
adwaita-icon-theme Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.0-2ubuntu1 2015-12-29 None
gnome-themes-standard Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.0-2ubuntu1 2015-12-29 None
nautilus Ubuntu Xenial 1:3.18.4-0ubuntu1 2015-12-28 None
edubuntu-meta Ubuntu Xenial 15.12.1 2015-12-27 None
mercurial-crecord Ubuntu Xenial 0.20151121-0ubuntu1 2015-12-19 None
tortoisehg Ubuntu Xenial 3.6.2-0ubuntu1 2015-12-19 None
mercurial Ubuntu Xenial 3.6.2-1ubuntu2 2015-12-17 None
gnome-keyring Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.3-0ubuntu2 2015-11-01 None
pdf2djvu Ubuntu Xenial 0.9.2-2ubuntu1 2015-10-27 None
gtk-doc Ubuntu Xenial 1.24-2ubuntu1 2015-10-26 None
python-coverage Ubuntu Xenial 3.7.1+dfsg.1-1ubuntu6 2015-10-26 None
pyqt5 Ubuntu Xenial 5.5.1+dfsg-3ubuntu2 2015-10-26 None
python-macholib Ubuntu Xenial 1.7~dfsg-2ubuntu1 2015-10-25 None
python-altgraph Ubuntu Xenial 0.12~dfsg-2ubuntu2 2015-10-25 None
python-invoke Ubuntu Xenial 0.9.0-2ubuntu1 2015-10-24 None
gnome-panel Ubuntu Wily 1:3.16.1-3ubuntu3 2015-10-09 None
pygments Ubuntu Wily 2.0.1+dfsg-1.1svn1 2015-07-28 None
shiboken Ubuntu Wily 1.2.2-1ubuntu2 2015-07-28 None
ffms2 Ubuntu Wily 2.21-2ubuntu1 2015-07-13 None
metacity Ubuntu Wily 1:3.17.2-4ubuntu1 2015-07-09 None
sensors-applet Ubuntu Wily 3.0.0+git5-0.1ubuntu1 2015-06-25 None
uim Ubuntu Wily 1:1.8.6-10ubuntu1 2015-06-17 None
gnome-flashback Ubuntu Wily 3.17.2-2ubuntu1 2015-06-17 None
workrave Ubuntu Wily 1.10.6-1ubuntu1 2015-05-29 None
php-guzzlehttp Ubuntu Wily 5.2.0-2ubuntu2 2015-05-18 None
qscintilla2 Ubuntu Vivid 2.8.4+dfsg-1build0.1 2015-05-04 None
qscintilla2 Ubuntu Utopic 2.8.3+dfsg-3build0.1 2015-05-04 None
notification-daemon Ubuntu Vivid 3.14.1-1ubuntu1 2015-04-16 None
metacity Ubuntu Vivid 1:3.14.3-1ubuntu7 2015-04-09 None
network-manager-applet Ubuntu Vivid 2015-04-07 None
webkit2gtk Ubuntu Vivid 2.6.2+dfsg1-4ubuntu1 2015-04-03 None
gnome-flashback Ubuntu Vivid 3.14.0-3ubuntu11 2015-03-31 None
nautilus Ubuntu Vivid 1:3.14.2-0ubuntu5 2015-03-23 None
blktap-dkms Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.93-0.3ubuntu2 2015-03-22 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Trusty 3.9.90-0ubuntu12.1 2015-03-21 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Utopic 3.9.90-0ubuntu16.1 2015-03-21 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Vivid 3.14.0-2ubuntu4 2015-03-20 None
gnome-panel Ubuntu Vivid 1:3.14.0-2ubuntu1 2015-03-18 None
texlive-base Ubuntu Vivid 2014.20141024-2ubuntu1 2015-02-17 None
underscore Ubuntu Vivid 1.7.0~dfsg-1ubuntu1 2015-02-17 None
okteta Ubuntu Vivid 4:14.12.2-0ubuntu3 2015-02-16 None
pdf2djvu Ubuntu Vivid 0.7.19-1ubuntu1 2015-02-13 None
unity-greeter Ubuntu Vivid 15.04.2-0ubuntu2 2015-01-28 None
qtbase-opensource-src Ubuntu Vivid 5.3.2+dfsg-4ubuntu9 2015-01-27 None
pkg-kde-tools Ubuntu Vivid 0.15.16ubuntu1 2015-01-27 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Vivid 1:3.14.2-2ubuntu2 2015-01-27 None
pygments Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.1+dfsg-1svn1 2015-01-23 None
debconf Ubuntu Vivid 1.5.55ubuntu2 2015-01-15 None
wget Ubuntu Vivid 1.16.1-1ubuntu1 2015-01-13 None
pyqt5 Ubuntu Vivid 5.4+dfsg-1~ubuntu1 2014-12-29 None
command-runner-applet Ubuntu Vivid 0.3-1ubuntu2 2014-12-01 None
workrave Ubuntu Vivid 1.10.4-3ubuntu2 2014-11-29 None
upstart Ubuntu Vivid 1.13.2-0ubuntu5 2014-11-29 None
meta-gnome3 Ubuntu Vivid 1:3.8+4ubuntu6 2014-11-28 None
edubuntu-meta Ubuntu Vivid 14.11.1 2014-11-28 s390x
175 of 229 results