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em8300 (0.18.0+hg20120213-0prodeia1~oneiric1) oneiric; urgency=low

  * New upstream release - hg clone 20120213
  * em8300-bin: Added microcode extract tool em8300-mc_ex &
    corresponding manpage

   [TODO]: modules do not compile with module-assistant. linux/em8300.h
           isn't found

  [Lintian Fixes]
  * debian/local/autocal.1: Fixed manpage
  * debian/control: Added to ${shlibs:Depends} to package em8300's Depends
    for to include libc for em8300-setup
  * debian/em8300.dirs: Removed empty dir /lib/firmware
  * debian/em8300.postinst: Removed leading paths for binaries
  * debian/control: Added linux-headers-generic as Recommends instead of
    kernel-source and removed kernel-package
  * debian/em8300.postrm: Removed paths from binaries
 -- Roman Muellenschlaeder <email address hidden>   Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:29:35 +0100

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