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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
finit Debian Sid 4.1-1 None
i2pd Debian Sid 2.38.0-1 None
libinih Ubuntu Impish 53-1ubuntu1 None
copyq Debian Experimental 4.1.0-1~exp1 None
sequeler Debian Sid 0.8.0-1 None
micropython Debian Sid 1.14+ds-1 s390x riscv64 ppc64el armhf arm64
veroroute Debian Sid 2.06-1 None
qtox Debian Sid 1.17.3-1 None
qr-code-generator Debian Sid 1.6.0-1 None
libstb Debian Sid 0.0~git20200713.b42009b+ds-1 None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libstb SDL2 Backport to Bionic - Ubuntu Bionic 0.0~git20190817.1.052dce1-1 None