Team participation for Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
(deprecated) OpenStack PPA maintainers 2011-12-19 Admin
Boots Developers 2010-03-24 Member Not subscribed
Canonical MySQL 2009-01-20 Member
CoApp Developers 2010-08-12 Member Not subscribed
Diskimage builder core team Member OpenStack CI Core
Drizzle Advocacy 2009-11-21 Member Not subscribed
Drizzle Automatons 2009-03-09 Member
Drizzle Benchmark 2009-06-29 Admin Not subscribed
Drizzle Build 2011-04-01 Owner
Drizzle Builds 2009-12-12 Member Not subscribed
Drizzle Developers 2008-07-07 Admin
Drizzle Discuss Member Drizzle Developers Not subscribed
Drizzle Merge Team 2010-07-29 Owner Not subscribed
Drizzle Operations 2010-01-08 Member Not subscribed
Drizzle Trunk 2011-12-23 Admin
Drizzle-PBXT 2008-10-03 Member
Enterprise MRU Testing 2008-02-19 Owner
Gearman-developers 2009-05-06 Admin
Git-Review bug supervisors Member OpenStack Continuous Integration Administrators
Glance 2010-08-04 Admin
Glance Bug Team 2010-08-04 Admin
Hacking Bugs 2013-05-29 Admin
Hacking Drivers 2013-06-03 Admin
HailDB Core 2010-08-02 Admin
In August Productions 2009-12-16 Owner
Keystone Devs 2011-07-22 Admin
Launchpad Beta Testers 2007-07-30 Member
Launchpad Development mailing list 2010-07-08 Member Not subscribed
Launchpad Users 2008-12-16 Member Not subscribed
Libmemcached-developers 2008-03-17 Admin
Melange Drivers 2011-11-09 Member
MySQL CGE Package Testing 2008-04-26 Owner
MySQL Enterprise Package Testing 2007-12-17 Owner
NDB/Bindings Developers 2007-02-22 Owner
Netstack-admins 2011-05-11 Member
Neutron Developers Member Netstack-admins
Nova 2010-07-16 Admin
Nova volume 2011-10-13 Admin Not subscribed
OpenStack CI Core 2011-11-02 Admin
OpenStack Common Drivers 2011-12-05 Admin
OpenStack Continuous Integration Administrators 2011-06-01 Member
OpenStack Continuous Integration team 2011-03-30 Admin
OpenStack Contributors 2011-12-28 Member
OpenStack Deployment Core Developers 2011-08-31 Member
OpenStack Infrastructure Bugs 2013-06-05 Admin
OpenStack Nose Core Devs 2012-01-07 Admin
OpenStack Nose Drivers 2012-01-07 Owner
OpenStack ReviewDay Member OpenStack CI Core
OpenStack Security Auditing 2011-12-07 Admin
OpenStack Team 2010-07-22 Admin
OpenStack Testing 2011-07-07 Admin Not subscribed
OpenStack Ubuntu packagers 2011-01-14 Member
Openstack Summit Drivers 2010-11-04 Member
Quoins Team 2008-02-29 Member
RedDwarf Drivers 2011-04-20 Member
Sphinx Search Packagers 2007-12-27 Owner
Swift 2010-07-16 Admin
Swift Release Team 2010-07-19 Owner
Trove Developers 2014-03-08 Member
TryStack Admins 2011-06-24 Admin Not subscribed
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2012-10-14 Member
Venue Hackers 2011-03-27 Owner
dox Drivers 2014-09-25 Member
libcpuinfo dev mailing list 2009-06-14 Member Not subscribed
libcpuinfo developers 2009-06-14 Admin
libmemcached 2008-03-19 Owner
libmemcached-build 2009-10-08 Member Not subscribed
libunwind Packagers 2009-06-01 Owner
ods-hackers 2010-10-29 Member
os-client-config drivers 2015-09-21 Member
rkrizzle drivers 2015-12-06 Member
sql-bench dev team 2010-12-08 Member
sqltoast developers 2010-06-14 Member
testrepository mailing list 2010-01-10 Member Not subscribed