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OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.


*** NEW Openvas 10 now called GVM-10 ***

Openvas 10, now called Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM-10) has released. Find out more at:

*** Openvas 9 ***

A set of packages for openvas 9 is included in this PPA. If you prefer to install them, you just have to install "openvas9" package (instead of "openvas" for the old version). Then, update scripts/data with the following commands:

sudo apt install sqlite3
sudo greenbone-nvt-sync
sudo greenbone-scapdata-sync
sudo greenbone-certdata-sync

sudo service openvas-scanner restart
sudo service openvas-manager restart
sudo openvasmd --migrate #only required when upgrading from an older version
sudo openvasmd --rebuild --progress

Please note that the default port number of the web interface for the new packages are changed to 4000. So, to access the web interface for version 9, go to https://localhost:4000. Use "admin" as username and password.

You can change the web interface port number by modifying /etc/default/openvas-gsa. Then, restart its service by issuing "sudo service openvas-gsa restart".

To enable pdf reports:
sudo apt install texlive-latex-extra --no-install-recommends
sudo apt install texlive-fonts-recommended --no-install-recommends

To install openvas-nasl utility:
sudo apt install libopenvas9-dev

*** Openvas 8 ***

To install the old version, openvas 8, install the "openvas" package from this ppa. It is only tested on ubuntu 14.04 trusty and 16.04 xenial.

You have to update openvas scripts/data after installation with the following commands:

sudo apt-get install sqlite3
sudo openvas-nvt-sync
sudo openvas-scapdata-sync
sudo openvas-certdata-sync

sudo service openvas-scanner restart
sudo service openvas-manager restart
sudo openvasmd --rebuild --progress

Login into https://localhost:443 with "admin" as username and password.

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:mrazavi/openvas to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mrazavi/openvas
sudo apt update
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1024R/CF38C8D889ADEAC0265E36983C453D244AA450E0 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Mohammad Razavi.

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greenbone-security-assistant 6.0.11-1xenial Mohammad Razavi ()
greenbone-security-assistant 6.0.11-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
greenbone-security-assistant9 7.0.3-3bionic Mohammad Razavi ()
greenbone-security-assistant9 7.0.3-1xenial2 Mohammad Razavi ()
greenbone-security-assistant9 6.1~beta4-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-cli 1.4.5-1xenial Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-cli 1.4.5-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-libraries 8.0.8-1xenial Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-libraries 8.0.8-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-manager 6.0.9-1xenial Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-manager 6.0.9-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-scanner 5.0.7-2xenial Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas-scanner 5.0.7-2 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-cli 1.4.5-2bionic Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-cli 1.4.5-1xenial Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-cli 1.4.4-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-libraries 9.0.3-1bionic Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-libraries 9.0.3-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-libraries 9.0.0-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-manager 7.0.3-2bionic Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-manager 7.0.3-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-manager 6.1~beta3-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-scanner 5.1.3-1bionic Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-scanner 5.1.3-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
openvas9-scanner 5.1~beta3-1 Mohammad Razavi ()
rats 2.3-2bionic Mohammad Razavi ()
rats 2.3-1xenial2 Mohammad Razavi ()
127 of 27 results

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