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Remove Unnecessary Code for evocation taskmanager
List unnecessary code and their location if needed: - ajax is insanely redundant - there are multiple repetitive selection statements that could be defined only once per function in the 'functions.php' file - use dbdata function (self written short version of mysql_real_escape_string(htmlspecialchars()) ) everywhere...
New to-do view for evocation taskmanager
Additional way to manage tasks. This view should work like a simple to-do list. Design plans: - show parent/child relationship - show unfinished but expired tasks (different row or section) Specifications for to-do and future view modes:
Taskbar for evocation taskmanager
Implement a taskbar on the top of the page. The taskbar should satisfy the followin: - should be locked (fix position) and unlocked - move the tab-like menu from the project home page, but keep the ajax functions - taskbar should work differently for every pages, it should only list the functions needed/can be used
Tasmanager 1.1 feature declaration for evocation taskmanager
This release should implement the following features: - taskbar: - to-do view: - revamped default view:

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