Fifty-something Tech Support representative who has been using Personal Computers since the days of the Apple II. I switched to IBM PC clones in the mid-1980's, and went through DOS, WFW, Win9x and XP.

I became dismayed at the hardware requirements for Vista and beyond, and the security implications (many undiscovered as of yet) and decided to look at GNU/Linux. In mid-2006, I read about Ubuntu, and gave it a try. Originally misled by many opinions and critics, I have since realized it's better in all respects (except for running the MS Flight Sims...)

I was never "indoctrinated" into the whole MS Office suite thing, nor did I do much programming, so I have not been "windozed" by default. My specialties are research, proofreading, documentation, usability testing and "playing the devil's advocate", and my interests are technology, automobiles, photography, aeronautics, music, reading, earth and space and the unknown.

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