Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gsmlib Debian Sid 1.10+20120414.gita5e5ae9a-0.5 None
bing Debian Sid 1.1.3-2.1 None
smstools Debian Jessie 3.1.15-1.1+deb8u1 None
smstools Debian Sid 3.1.15-1.2 None
iog Debian Sid 1.03-3.6 None
atanks Debian Sid 5.3-1 None
egoboo Debian Sid 1:2.8.1-1 powerpc
ipcheck Debian Sid 0.233-1.1 None
atanks Ubuntu Precise 5.2-1 None
atanks Ubuntu Oneiric 5.0-1 None
smstools Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1.14-1 None
iog Ubuntu Oneiric 1.03-3.5 None
dvbstream Ubuntu Natty 0.6+cvs20090621-1 None
atanks Debian Experimental 4.7-1 None
dvbstream Debian Sid 0.6+cvs20090621-1 None
smstools Ubuntu Maverick 3.1.10-0.1 None
atanks Ubuntu Maverick 4.6-1 sparc powerpc ia64 i386 armel amd64
iog Debian Squeeze 1.03-3.4 None
egoboo-data Debian Squeeze 1:2.7.7-1 None
atanks Debian Squeeze 4.5-1 None
iog Ubuntu Maverick 1.03-3.4 None
egoboo Ubuntu Maverick 1:2.7.7-1 sparc powerpc
egoboo-data Ubuntu Maverick 1:2.7.7-1 None
iog Ubuntu Lucid 1.03-3.3 None
smstools Ubuntu Lucid 3.1.6-1 None
hpoj Ubuntu Karmic 0.91-14.1 None
hpoj Debian Sid 0.91-14.1 None
smstools Debian Lenny 3.1-2+lenny1 None
atanks Ubuntu Karmic 3.6-1 None
smstools Ubuntu Karmic 3.1.3-3 None
smstools Debian Squeeze 3.1.3-3 None
lensfun Debian Sid 0.2.3-1 None
smstools Ubuntu Jaunty 3.1.3-2 None
bing Ubuntu Jaunty 1.1.3-2 s390x
gsmlib Ubuntu Jaunty 1.10-13 None
dvbtune Ubuntu Jaunty 0.5-12 None
dvbstream Ubuntu Jaunty 0.6+cvs20060501-6 None
mp3rename Debian Lenny 0.6-9 None
kfocus Debian Lenny 1.0.2-17.1 None
ipcheck Debian Lenny 0.233-1 None
iog Debian Lenny 1.03-3.1 None
hpoj Debian Lenny 0.91-14 None
gsmlib Debian Lenny 1.10-13 None
egoboo-data Debian Lenny 2.220-3 None
egoboo Debian Lenny 2.22-31 None
dvbtune Debian Lenny 0.5-12 None
dvbstream Debian Lenny 0.6+cvs20060501-6 None
bing Debian Lenny 1.1.3-1 None
atanks Debian Lenny 3.0-1 None
hpoj Ubuntu Intrepid 0.91-14 None
atanks Ubuntu Hardy 3.0-1~hardy1 None
atanks Ubuntu Intrepid 3.0-1 None
smstools Ubuntu Intrepid 3.1-1 None
iog Ubuntu Intrepid 1.03-3.1 None
kfocus Ubuntu Intrepid 1.0.2-17.1 None
hpoj Ubuntu Hardy 0.91-13 None
smstools Ubuntu Hardy 3.0.10-1 None
hpoj Ubuntu Gutsy 0.91-12build1 None
egoboo Ubuntu Gutsy 2.22-31 None
egoboo-data Ubuntu Gutsy 2.220-3 None
kfocus Ubuntu Gutsy 1.0.2-17 None
dvbtune Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5-11 None
dvbstream Ubuntu Gutsy 0.6+cvs20060501-5 None
atanks Ubuntu Gutsy 2.3-1 None
smstools Ubuntu Feisty 3.0.2-4 None
atanks Ubuntu Feisty 2.0-1 None
hpoj Ubuntu Feisty 0.91-12 None
libccscript3 Ubuntu Feisty 1.1.3-1 None
libccscript Ubuntu Feisty 2.5.9-1build2 hppa lpia
kfocus Ubuntu Feisty 1.0.2-16 None
mobilemesh Ubuntu Feisty 1.0+dfsg0-0.1 None
libccscript3 Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.9-1.1build1 None
libccscript Ubuntu Edgy 2.5.9-1build1 None
kfocus Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.2-14ubuntu2 None
dvr Ubuntu Edgy 3.2-8ubuntu1 sparc powerpc ia64 amd64
175 of 151 results