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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
deja-dup Ubuntu Vivid 32.0-0ubuntu5 2015-02-23 None
duplicity Ubuntu Vivid 0.7.01-1ubuntu1 2015-02-04 None
ubuntu-touch-meta Ubuntu Vivid 1.203 2014-12-04 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Utopic 32.0-0ubuntu1 2014-09-20 None
livecd-rootfs Ubuntu Utopic 2.240 2014-08-13 None
gcovr Ubuntu Utopic 3.1-1ubuntu1 2014-08-11 None
accountsservice Ubuntu Utopic 0.6.37-1ubuntu8 2014-08-05 None
lxc-android-config Ubuntu Utopic 0.179 2014-07-30 None
pam Ubuntu Utopic 1.1.8-3ubuntu3 2014-07-22 None
ubuntu-touch-meta Ubuntu Utopic 1.166 2014-07-18 None
shadow Ubuntu Utopic 1: 2014-07-18 None
cgmanager Ubuntu Utopic 0.26-0ubuntu3 2014-05-25 None
systemd Ubuntu Utopic 204-10ubuntu3 2014-05-13 None
xdiagnose Ubuntu Utopic 3.6.4 2014-05-02 None
duplicity Ubuntu Trusty 0.6.23-1ubuntu4.1 2014-04-30 None
duplicity Ubuntu Utopic 0.6.23-1ubuntu5 2014-04-30 None
libjs-jquery-hotkeys Ubuntu Trusty 0~20130707+git2d51e3a9+dfsg-2ubuntu1 2014-04-08 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Trusty 30.0-0ubuntu4 2014-04-03 None
lxc-android-config Ubuntu Trusty 0.149 2014-03-17 None
libdbi-drivers Ubuntu Trusty 0.9.0-2ubuntu2 2014-02-06 None
evas Ubuntu Trusty 1.7.7-4ubuntu1 2014-01-14 None
libarchive Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.2-7ubuntu1 2013-12-11 None
duplicity Ubuntu Lucid 0.6.08b-0ubuntu2.3 2013-11-19 None
duplicity Ubuntu Precise 0.6.18-0ubuntu3.4 2013-11-19 None
duplicity Ubuntu Quantal 0.6.19-0ubuntu2.4 2013-11-19 None
duplicity Ubuntu Raring 0.6.21-0ubuntu1.3 2013-11-19 None
duplicity Ubuntu Saucy 0.6.21-0ubuntu4.1 2013-11-19 None
ubuntu-touch-meta Ubuntu Trusty 1.098 2013-10-30 None
pitivi Ubuntu Trusty 0.15.2-0.2ubuntu1 2013-10-29 None
freerdp Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.2-2ubuntu1 2013-10-29 None
nagios-nrpe Ubuntu Trusty 2.13-3.1ubuntu1 2013-10-29 None
blinker Ubuntu Trusty 1.3.dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2013-10-29 None
yorick-av Ubuntu Trusty 0.0.2-1ubuntu1 2013-10-29 None
unity-greeter Ubuntu Saucy 13.10.3-0ubuntu1 2013-10-04 None
gdebi Ubuntu Saucy 0.9.1ubuntu1 2013-09-19 None
blinker Ubuntu Saucy 1.2.dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2013-09-19 None
qtgraphicaleffects-opensource-src Ubuntu Saucy 5.0.2-2ubuntu3 2013-09-13 None
qtsvg-opensource-src Ubuntu Saucy 5.0.2-3ubuntu1 2013-09-13 None
lightdm Ubuntu Saucy 1.7.15-0ubuntu1 2013-09-11 None
livecd-rootfs Ubuntu Saucy 2.185 2013-09-09 None
accountsservice Ubuntu Saucy 0.6.34-0ubuntu2 2013-07-03 None
sphinxbase Ubuntu Saucy 0.8-0ubuntu8 2013-07-03 arm64
deja-dup Ubuntu Saucy 27.3.1-0ubuntu1 2013-06-17 None
python-tidylib Ubuntu Saucy 0.2.1~dfsg-2ubuntu2 2013-06-04 None
gtk+3.0 Ubuntu Saucy 3.8.2-0ubuntu3 2013-06-03 None
d2to1 Ubuntu Saucy 0.2.10-1ubuntu4 2013-05-28 None
nagios-nrpe Ubuntu Saucy 2.13-3ubuntu2 2013-05-24 None
freerdp Ubuntu Saucy 1.0.2-1ubuntu1 2013-04-30 None
update-manager Ubuntu Raring 1:0.186 2013-04-16 None
lightdm Ubuntu Raring 1.6.0-0ubuntu2 2013-04-15 None
sessioninstaller Ubuntu Quantal 0.20+bzr131-0ubuntu2.1 2013-04-02 None
sessioninstaller Ubuntu Precise 0.20+bzr128-0ubuntu1.3 2013-03-28 None
sessioninstaller Ubuntu Raring 0.20+bzr134-0ubuntu5 2013-03-28 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Precise 22.0-0ubuntu4 2013-03-28 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Raring 26.0-0ubuntu1 2013-03-28 None
ubuntu-release-upgrader Ubuntu Raring 1:0.192.6 2013-03-18 None
unity-greeter Ubuntu Raring 13.04.2-0ubuntu1 2013-03-15 None
qtbase-opensource-src Ubuntu Raring 5.0.1+dfsg-0ubuntu3 2013-02-21 None
xcb-util-image Ubuntu Raring 0.3.9-1ubuntu1 2013-02-21 None
hud Ubuntu Raring 13.04.0daily13.02.20-0ubuntu2 2013-02-20 None
qtchooser Ubuntu Raring 0.0.1~git20121229.g8f08405-0ubuntu3 2013-02-12 None
sparsehash Ubuntu Raring 1.10-1ubuntu1 2013-02-11 None
zsnes Ubuntu Raring 1.510+bz2-5ubuntu2 2013-02-02 None
ubuntu-meta Ubuntu Raring 1.293 2013-02-01 None
pitivi Ubuntu Raring 0.15.2-0.1ubuntu1 2013-01-31 None
pycurl Ubuntu Raring 7.19.0-5ubuntu6 2013-01-28 None
workrave Ubuntu Raring 1.10-0ubuntu1 2013-01-24 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Raring 1:3.6.3-0ubuntu11 2013-01-22 None
accountsservice Ubuntu Quantal 0.6.21-6ubuntu5.1 2013-01-22 None
accountsservice Ubuntu Raring 0.6.29-1ubuntu3 2013-01-22 None
ubuntu-release-upgrader Ubuntu Quantal 1:0.190.6 2013-01-22 None
update-manager Ubuntu Quantal 1:0.174.4 2013-01-15 None
gnome-pie Ubuntu Raring 0.5.4-1build1 2013-01-14 None
ginn Ubuntu Raring 0.2.6-0ubuntu3 2013-01-14 None
duplicity Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6.15-0ubuntu2.1 2013-01-11 None
175 of 601 results