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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
duplicity Ubuntu Bionic 0.7.17-0ubuntu1 2018-03-13 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Bionic 37.1-0ubuntu2 2018-01-24 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Artful 36.3-0ubuntu0.1 2017-10-20 None
duplicity Ubuntu Artful 0.7.12-1ubuntu1 2017-05-03 None
pulseaudio Ubuntu Zesty 1:10.0-1ubuntu2 2017-03-29 None
pbuilder-scripts Ubuntu Zesty 22 2017-03-29 None
duplicity Ubuntu Zesty 0.7.06-2ubuntu3 2017-03-12 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Zesty 34.4-0ubuntu1 2017-03-09 None
backuppc Ubuntu Zesty 3.3.1-4ubuntu1 2016-12-14 None
poppler Ubuntu Zesty 0.48.0-2ubuntu1 2016-12-14 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Trusty 30.0-0ubuntu4.1 2016-12-08 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Yakkety 34.2-0ubuntu3.1 2016-12-08 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Xenial 34.2-0ubuntu1.1 2016-12-02 None
thunderbird Ubuntu Zesty 1:45.3.0+build1-0ubuntu6 2016-11-21 None
unity8 Ubuntu Yakkety 8.14+16.10.20160922-0ubuntu2 2016-10-03 None
livecd-rootfs Ubuntu Yakkety 2.422 2016-08-10 None
unity-greeter Ubuntu Yakkety 16.10.2-0ubuntu2 2016-08-02 None
zfs-linux Ubuntu Xenial 2016-07-28 None
pbuilder-scripts Ubuntu Yakkety 21 2016-07-18 None
repo Ubuntu Yakkety 1.12.32-2ubuntu1 2016-06-30 None
webkitgtk Ubuntu Yakkety 2.4.11-1ubuntu2 2016-06-01 None
drupal7 Ubuntu Xenial 7.43-3~16.04.0 2016-06-01 None
lcms2 Ubuntu Yakkety 2.7-1ubuntu1 2016-05-11 None
squid3 Ubuntu Trusty 3.3.8-1ubuntu6.7 2016-04-14 None
cmake-extras Ubuntu Xenial 0.6+16.04.20160215-0ubuntu2 2016-03-29 None
shadow Ubuntu Xenial 1:4.2-3.1ubuntu5 2016-03-28 None
duplicity Ubuntu Xenial 0.7.06-2ubuntu2 2016-02-18 None
coreutils Ubuntu Xenial 8.25-2ubuntu2 2016-02-18 None
lightdm Ubuntu Xenial 1.17.5-0ubuntu2 2016-02-03 None
accountsservice Ubuntu Xenial 0.6.40-2ubuntu7 2016-01-08 None
duplicity Ubuntu Trusty 0.6.23-1ubuntu4.2 2016-01-07 ppc64el
syslinux Ubuntu Xenial 3:6.03+dfsg-11ubuntu1 2015-12-22 None
tgt Ubuntu Xenial 1:1.0.62-1ubuntu1 2015-12-21 None
libgdiplus Ubuntu Xenial 4.2-1ubuntu1 2015-12-21 None
slgsl Ubuntu Xenial 0.7.0-5.2ubuntu1 2015-12-10 None
luminance-hdr Ubuntu Xenial 2.4.0-7build1 2015-12-08 None
mpich Ubuntu Xenial 3.1-6build1 2015-12-08 None
calligra Ubuntu Xenial 1:2.9.7-0ubuntu7 2015-12-08 None
apophenia Ubuntu Xenial 1.0+ds-1build1 2015-12-08 powerpc i386 armhf
freefem++ Ubuntu Xenial 3.38.1-1build3 2015-12-08 None
hkl Ubuntu Xenial 2015-12-08 None
inkscape Ubuntu Xenial 0.91-6ubuntu4 2015-12-08 None
gnudatalanguage Ubuntu Xenial 0.9.5-4build1 2015-12-08 s390x
gambas3 Ubuntu Xenial 3.5.4-2ubuntu10 2015-12-08 None
dynare Ubuntu Xenial 4.4.3-2ubuntu4 2015-12-08 None
3depict Ubuntu Xenial 0.0.18-2build5 2015-12-08 s390x ppc64el powerpc i386 armhf arm64 amd64
3dldf Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.3+dfsg-4build1 2015-12-08 s390x ppc64el powerpc armhf arm64 s390x ppc64el powerpc armhf arm64
adun.app Ubuntu Xenial 0.81-8build1 2015-12-08 None
aghermann Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.6-1ubuntu2 2015-12-08 None
altree Ubuntu Xenial 1.3.1-2build4 2015-12-08 None
amide Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.5-5build1 2015-12-08 None
ardesia Ubuntu Xenial 1.1-2build3 2015-12-08 None
asymptote Ubuntu Xenial 2.35-3build1 2015-12-08 None
bist Ubuntu Xenial 0.5.2-1build2 2015-12-08 None
bogofilter Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.4+dfsg1-4build1 2015-12-08 None
clonalframe Ubuntu Xenial 1.2-3build2 2015-12-08 None
cnrun Ubuntu Xenial 1.1.14-1ubuntu3 2015-12-08 None
enblend-enfuse Ubuntu Xenial 4.1.4+dfsg-3build1 2015-12-08 None
flowgrind Ubuntu Xenial 0.7.5-1build2 2015-12-08 None
gbutils Ubuntu Xenial 5.6.8-1build1 2015-12-08 None
getdp Ubuntu Xenial 2.4.2-1ubuntu4 2015-12-08 None
gjay Ubuntu Xenial 0.3.2-1.1ubuntu3 2015-12-08 None
gpsshogi Ubuntu Xenial 0.6.0-3+nmu1ubuntu3 2015-12-08 None
herwig++ Ubuntu Xenial 2.6.0-1ubuntu2 2015-12-08 ppc64el arm64
kst Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.3-4ubuntu3 2015-12-08 None
chemps2 Ubuntu Xenial 1.6-1build3 2015-12-08 None
comedilib Ubuntu Xenial 0.10.2-3build2 2015-12-08 None
dieharder Ubuntu Xenial 3.31.1-4ubuntu2 2015-12-08 None
gnuradio Ubuntu Xenial 2015-12-08 None
libgpiv Ubuntu Xenial 0.6.1-4.2build3 2015-12-08 None
guvcview Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.2+debian-1build2 2015-12-08 None
libindi Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.0-3ubuntu3 2015-12-08 None
meep-lam4 Ubuntu Xenial 1.3-1build3 2015-12-08 None
meep-mpi-default Ubuntu Xenial 1.3-2build3 2015-12-08 None
meep-mpich2 Ubuntu Xenial 1.3-2build3 2015-12-08 None
175 of 744 results