Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
cedet Ubuntu Maverick 1:1.0pre4-3.1 None
cedet Debian Sid 1:1.0pre4-3.1 None
muse-el Ubuntu Maverick 3.12-1.1ubuntu1 None
muse-el Debian Sid 3.12-1.1 None
planner-el Debian Lenny 3.41.arch.123-1 None
muse-el Debian Lenny 3.12-1 None
jde Debian Lenny None
erc Debian Lenny 5.3-1 None
emacs-wiki Debian Lenny 2.72-1 None
cedet Debian Lenny 1:1.0pre4-3 None
cedet Ubuntu Intrepid 1:1.0pre4-3 None
jde Ubuntu Intrepid None
muse-el Ubuntu Intrepid 3.12-1ubuntu1 None
jde Ubuntu Hardy None
cedet Ubuntu Gutsy 1:1.0pre4-2 None
planner-el Ubuntu Gutsy 3.41.arch.123-1 None
erc Ubuntu Gutsy 5.1.4-4 None
planner-el Ubuntu Feisty 3.41-3 None
muse-el Ubuntu Feisty 3.02.8-1 None
erc Ubuntu Feisty 5.1.4-3 None
emacs-wiki Ubuntu Feisty 2.72-1 None
planner-el Ubuntu Edgy 3.41-2 None
muse-el Ubuntu Edgy 3.02.6-2 None
erc Ubuntu Edgy 5.1.2-1 None
emacs-wiki Ubuntu Edgy 2.71-1 None
muse-el Ubuntu Dapper 3.02.6-1 None
erc Ubuntu Dapper 5.0.4-2 None
emacs-wiki Ubuntu Dapper 2.70-3 None
emacs-wiki Ubuntu Breezy 2.69-1 None
emacs-wiki Ubuntu Hoary 2.66-1 None
130 of 30 results