Uploaded packages

112 of 12 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
emacs23 Ubuntu Natty 23.2+1-4ubuntu1 None
emacs23 Ubuntu Karmic 23.1+1-4ubuntu1 ia64
cedet Ubuntu Hardy 1:1.0pre4-2ubuntu1 None
emacs22 Ubuntu Hardy 22.1-0ubuntu10 None
erc Ubuntu Hardy 5.3-1ubuntu1 None
muse-el Ubuntu Hardy 3.11-3ubuntu1 None
emacs22 Ubuntu Feisty 22.1-0ubuntu4~feisty2 None
w3m-el Ubuntu Gutsy 1.4.4-3ubuntu1 None
maxima Ubuntu Gutsy 5.12.0-1ubuntu2 None
muse-el Ubuntu Gutsy 3.03-1ubuntu1 None
bbdb Ubuntu Gutsy 2.35.cvs20060204-1.1ubuntu1 None
emacs22 Ubuntu Gutsy 22.1-0ubuntu2 None
112 of 12 results