Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
postgresql-unit Debian Sid 7.4-2 None
postgresql-numeral Debian Sid 1.3-4 None
tenace Debian Sid 0.17-1 None
ircmarkers Debian Sid 0.15-3 None
dnsvi Debian Sid 1.4 None
xymon Ubuntu Impish 4.3.30-1build1 None
dacs Ubuntu Impish 1.4.40-2build1 None
cyrus-imspd Ubuntu Impish 1.8-5build1 None
postgresql-unit Debian Experimental 7.4-1 None
dds Debian Sid 2.9.0-9 None
dds Ubuntu Hirsute 2.9.0-8build1 amd64
hobbit-plugins Debian Sid 20201127 None
snmptt Debian Sid 1.4.2-1 None
dealer Debian Sid 20190529+ds-2 None
sdate Debian Sid 0.7 None
newpid Debian Sid 13 None
deal Debian Sid 3.1.9-12 None
libfec Debian Sid 1.0+20161003-1 ppc64el
xymon Debian Sid 4.3.30-1 None
xymon Debian Stretch 4.3.28-2+deb9u1 None
xymon Debian Buster 4.3.28-5+deb10u1 None
xkeycaps Ubuntu Eoan 2.47-7build1 None
xkeycaps Debian Sid 2.47-7 None
dacs Debian Sid 1.4.40-2 None
spinner Debian Sid 1.2.4-5 None
cyrus-imspd Debian Sid 1.8-5 None
xkeycaps Debian Stretch 2.47-4.1+deb9u1 None
dnsvi Ubuntu Disco 1.2build1 None
flog Debian Sid 1.8+orig-2 None
usemod-wiki Debian Sid 1.2.1-2 None
xymon Debian Experimental 4.3.28~rc2-1 None
xymon Debian Jessie 4.3.17-6+deb8u1 None
xymon Ubuntu Yakkety 4.3.27-1build1 None
pgbouncer Debian Wheezy 1.5.2-4+deb7u1 None
usemod-wiki Debian Jessie 1.0.5-3+deb8u1 None
phppgadmin Debian Sid 5.1-1.1 None
postgresql-pllua Debian Sid 1:1.0-4 None
pgbouncer Debian Sid 1.5.4-5 None
pg-reorg Debian Sid 1.1.9-1 None
hobbit-plugins Debian Experimental 20140515+exp None
pgpool2 Debian Sid 3.3.3-1 None
postgresql-pgmp Debian Sid 1.0.1-4 None
psqlodbc Debian Sid 1:09.03.0210-1 None
postgresql-pgmp Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.1-3git1 None
postgresql-plsh Debian Sid 1.20140221-1 None
usemod-wiki Debian Squeeze 1.0-10+deb6u1 None
skytools Debian Sid 2.1.13-4 None
plr Debian Sid 1: None
postgresql-plproxy Debian Sid 2.5-4 None
deal Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.9-5git1 None
usemod-wiki Debian Wheezy 1.0.5-1+deb7u1 None
postgresql-plsh Ubuntu Trusty 1.20130823-1git1 None
skytools Ubuntu Trusty 2.1.13-3git1 None
postgresql-plproxy Ubuntu Trusty 2.5-3git1 None
plr Ubuntu Trusty 1: None
slony1-2 Debian Sid 2.1.4-1 arm64
ip4r Debian Sid 2.0-2 None
postgresql-pgmp Ubuntu Saucy 1.0.1-2git1 None
apgdiff Debian Sid 2.4-2 None
patch Debian Sid 2.7.1-3 None
pgxnclient Debian Sid 1.2.1-2 None
patchutils Debian Sid 0.3.2-2 None
psqlodbc Debian Jessie 1:09.01.0100-1+deb7u1 None
pgpool2 Ubuntu Saucy 3.2.4-1git1 None
ip4r Ubuntu Saucy 2.0-1git1 None
pgpool2 Debian Experimental 3.2.3-1 None
plr Debian Experimental 1: None
dacs Debian Experimental 1.4.28b-1 None
pgbouncer Debian Experimental 1.5.4-3 None
postgresql-pgmp Debian Experimental 1.0.1-1 None
patch Debian Experimental 2.7.1-2 None
snmptt Debian Experimental 1.4~beta2-1 None
postgresql-plproxy Debian Experimental 2.5-1 None
psqlodbc Debian Experimental 1:09.01.0200-1 None
patchutils Ubuntu Quantal 0.3.2-1.1build1 None
175 of 294 results