Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
qsf Ubuntu Eoan 1.2.7-1.3build3 None
qsf Ubuntu Disco 1.2.7-1.3build2 None
qsf Ubuntu Bionic 1.2.7-1.3build1 None
qsf Debian Sid 1.2.7-1.3 None
pngnq Debian Sid 1.0-2.3 None
optipng Debian Wheezy 0.6.4-1+deb7u2 None
pngtools Debian Sid 0.4-1.3 None
pngtools Ubuntu Yakkety 0.4-1.3~build1 None
pngnq Ubuntu Yakkety 1.0-2.2build1 None
qsf Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.7-1build3 None
odt2txt Ubuntu Wily 0.5-1build1 None
odt2txt Debian Sid 0.5-1 None
gluas Debian Sid 0.1.20-1.1 None
pngquant Debian Experimental 1.8.3-1 None
optipng Ubuntu Quantal 0.6.4-1build1 None
odt2txt Ubuntu Precise 0.4+git20100620-1build1 None
qsf Ubuntu Precise 1.2.7-1build2 None
pngquant Debian Sid 1.0-4.1 None
odt2txt Ubuntu Maverick 0.4+git20100620-1 None
optipng Ubuntu Maverick 0.6.4-1 None
qsf Ubuntu Lucid 1.2.7-1build1 None
optipng Debian Sid 0.6.4-1 None
pngquant Ubuntu Lucid 1.0-4build1 armhf
pngnq Ubuntu Lucid 1.0-2 None
pngtools Ubuntu Lucid 0.4-1 None
optipng Ubuntu Lucid 0.6.3-1 None
pngtools Debian Squeeze 0.4-1 None
optipng Debian Squeeze 0.6.3-1 None
gluas Ubuntu Karmic 0.1.20-1 None
optipng Debian Lenny None
optipng Ubuntu Jaunty None
pngtools Ubuntu Jaunty 0.3-2 powerpc
qsf Debian Lenny 1.2.7-1 None
pngtools Debian Lenny 0.3-1 None
pngquant Debian Lenny 1.0-4 None
pngnq Debian Lenny 0.5-3 None
odt2txt Debian Lenny 0.4-1 None
pngnq Ubuntu Intrepid 0.5-3 None
odt2txt Ubuntu Intrepid 0.4-1 None
optipng Ubuntu Intrepid 0.6-1 None
pngquant Ubuntu Intrepid 1.0-4 None
pngnq Ubuntu Hardy 0.5-1 None
odt2txt Ubuntu Hardy 0.3-2 None
pngtools Ubuntu Hardy 0.3-1 None
qsf Ubuntu Hardy 1.2.7-1 None
gff2aplot Ubuntu Hardy 2.0-4 None
gdpc Ubuntu Gutsy 2.2.4-2 None
odt2txt Ubuntu Gutsy 0.3-1 None
optipng Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5.5-1 None
qsf Ubuntu Feisty 1.2.6-1 None
raster3d Ubuntu Feisty 2.7d+0-1 lpia hppa lpia
pngquant Ubuntu Feisty 1.0-3 None
optipng Ubuntu Feisty 0.5.4+0-1 None
pngnq Ubuntu Feisty 0.4.1-1 None
gff2ps Ubuntu Edgy 0.98d-2 None
biosquid Ubuntu Edgy 1.9g+cvs20050121-1 None
pngnq Ubuntu Edgy 0.3-2 None
optipng Ubuntu Edgy 0.5.2-1 None
qsf Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.7-1 None
gdpc Ubuntu Dapper 2.2.4-1ubuntu1 None
qsf Ubuntu Dapper 1.1.2-3build1 None
pngnq Ubuntu Breezy 0.3-1~breezy1 None
sim4 Ubuntu Dapper 0.0.20030921-1 None
pngquant Ubuntu Dapper 1.0-2 None
pngnq Ubuntu Dapper 0.3-1 None
gff2ps Ubuntu Dapper 0.98d-1 None
pngquant Ubuntu Breezy 1.0-1 None
gff2aplot Ubuntu Breezy 2.0-3 None
168 of 68 results