I was born in september 2, 1982 in Lugano, a small city in the southern and italian speaking part of Switzerland.
In 2002 I started my studies in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano where I got bachelored in 2006. I continued my studies in the institutional and healthcare communication area and I got my Master in public communication in october 2009 with a thesis on e-health. On Internet I'm known as "Raideiin" or "Neff", nicknames I'm currently using on forums, weblogs, IM / IRC chats and websites.

Interests and FOSS-related activity

I've always been interested in technology, mostly on open source and free software.
I met GNU/Linux (SuSE Linux 6.4) in 1994 and I started using it randomly. My interest about the penguin was initially very moderate. I was probably too young to understand the greatness and the values behind the entire concept of "free software". During my university studies I met for the first time ubuntu (warty!). I seriously fell in love with it and i began using it for my everyday work. Thanks to ubuntu, my passion about FOSS and GNU/Linux finally fired up but I had a problem: I really wanted to help some open source project but wasn't able to code. So, I firstly joined the italian speaking team of OpenOffice.org and i started partecipating the thesaurus project. After this I decided to go on and to conceal this "open passion" with another one: writing and communicate. In 2003 I started writing articles about open source applications and GNU/Linux on the student's university newspaper (http://www.luniverso.com). I really loved speaking about free software and I realized that this was the opportunity I was waiting for to help the FOSS movement to go on. In 2006 I created "Neffscape" (http://marco.boneff.ch), an italian speaking weblog about technology, free software and GNU/Linux. On this website I started publishing news, reviews interviews and howtos about ubuntu and the rest of the open and free software world. In 2007 I joined ubuntusemplice.org (http://www.ubuntusemplice.org) an italian speaking community created by Simone Brunozzi (http://www.ubuntista.it) to create an open, complete and easy to understand guide for ubuntu. After this involvement I finally decided to strive for excellence by trying to join the official italian speaking ubuntu community (ubuntu-it).


Being son of a graphic designer I developed since I was child a special interest about design. I really like to project and design websites, interfaces and of course themes. In 2007 I published my first gnome theme on gnome-look (http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Salamander?content=68349) . I also created some other graphic stuff. Everything I made is available to download at this address: http://www.gnome-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=Raideiin&action=contents.

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