I was born in september 2, 1982 in Lugano, a small city in the southern and italian speaking part of Switzerland.
In 2002 I started my studies in Communication at the University of Lugano where I got bachelored in 2006. I continued my studies in the institutional and healthcare management I got a Master degree in Healthcare Management in october 2009 with a thesis on e-health.
Since then, I worked as project manager and communication specialist for a cardiac centre, based in Lugano, I got married and I became father of two children, Emily and Alessio. In 2019, I got a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Quality management and Patient's security at the University of Geneva, and I became head of the Quality and patient's security department in my organization.

Despite my career in Healhcare, I always had a deep passion about computers, free and open source software, usability, communication and graphic design.

I met GNU/Linux (SuSE Linux 6.4) in 1994, and it became my daily driver OS in 2004, when I discovered ubuntu (warty!) and its awesome community.
Between 2004 and today, in my free time, I participated in many ubuntu related projects, mainly in documentation, translation, graphic design and by supporting new users online. This is of course a freetime hobby that I really enjoy.

On Internet I'm known as "Neffscape", "Neff" and "Raideiin", nicknames I'm currently using on several platforms, such as forums, blogs, IM / IRC chats and social media.

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