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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
qtcam bionictest - Ubuntu Xenial 24.0.22+01~ubuntu16.04.1 None
qtcam testXenial - Ubuntu Xenial 24.0.22+05~ubuntu16.04.1 None
qtcam trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 24.0.22+05~ubuntu14.04.1 None
qtcam bionictest - Ubuntu Bionic 24.0.22+03~ubuntu18.04.1 None
qtcam testFocal - Ubuntu Focal 24.0.22+04~ubuntu20.04.1 None
qtcam bionictest - Ubuntu Focal 24.0.21~ubuntu20.04.1 None
qtcam testBionic - Ubuntu Bionic 24.0.22+02~ubuntu18.04.1 None