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kubuntu-docs Ubuntu Natty 11.04.1 2011-04-17 None
koffice-l10n Ubuntu Lucid 2.1.2-0ubuntu1 2010-03-29 None
koffice Ubuntu Lucid 1:2.1.2-0ubuntu1 2010-03-29 armel
kubuntu-docs Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.3 2010-03-29 None
kdeedu Ubuntu Lucid 4:4.4.1-0ubuntu3 2010-03-28 None
kubuntu-default-settings Ubuntu Lucid 1:10.04ubuntu10 2010-03-28 None
pstoedit Ubuntu Lucid 3.50-0ubuntu1 2010-01-25 None
plotutils Ubuntu Lucid 2.6-0ubuntu1 2010-01-25 None
opengtl Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.12-0ubuntu2 2010-01-13 sparc
libspnav Ubuntu Lucid 0.2.1-0ubuntu2 2010-01-13 None