Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
fonts-ipaexfont Ubuntu Xenial 00301-2ubuntu2 None
etckeeper Ubuntu Xenial 1.18.1ubuntu3 None
ubuntu-settings Ubuntu Wily 15.10.4 None
fonts-takao Ubuntu Vivid 003.02.01-9ubuntu3 None
etckeeper Ubuntu Utopic 1.11ubuntu1.2 None
etckeeper Ubuntu Vivid 1.15ubuntu3 None
im-config Ubuntu Trusty 0.24-1ubuntu4.1 None
im-config Ubuntu Utopic 0.24-1ubuntu5 None
openvpn Ubuntu Precise 2.2.1-8ubuntu1.2 None
ecryptfs-utils Ubuntu Trusty 104-0ubuntu1 None
jq Ubuntu Precise 1.2-8~ubuntu12.04.1 None
mozc Ubuntu Saucy 1.11.1522.102-1ubuntu1 None
live-build Ubuntu Raring 3.0~a57-1ubuntu6.1 None
live-build Ubuntu Saucy 3.0~a57-1ubuntu7 None
java-package Ubuntu Quantal 0.50ubuntu1.1 None
ecryptfs-utils Ubuntu Raring 103-0ubuntu2 None
libreoffice Ubuntu Raring 1:3.6.2~rc2-0ubuntu6 None
mozc Ubuntu Quantal 1.5.1090.102-2ubuntu1 None
mozc Ubuntu Precise 1.3.975.102-2ubuntu0.1 None
clamtk Ubuntu Precise 4.36-1ubuntu1 None
googlecl Ubuntu Oneiric 0.9.13-1 None
mozc Ubuntu Oneiric 1.1.773.102-1ubuntu1 None
fonts-vlgothic Ubuntu Oneiric 20110414-1 None
poppler Ubuntu Lucid 0.12.4-0ubuntu5.2 None
poppler Ubuntu Natty 0.16.4-0ubuntu1.1 None
ubufox Ubuntu Natty 0.9~rc2-0ubuntu12 None
ttf-takao Ubuntu Natty 003.02.01-4ubuntu1 None
ibus Ubuntu Natty 1.3.9-0ubuntu2 None
googlecl Ubuntu Natty 0.9.12-2 None
synergy Ubuntu Natty 1.3.6-1ubuntu1 None
ubuntu-docs Ubuntu Maverick 10.10.4ubuntu0.1 None
mozc Ubuntu Natty 1.0.558.102-1 None
googlecl Ubuntu Maverick 0.9.8-1 None
133 of 33 results