Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
openipmi Debian Sid 2.0.33-1 None
ncftp Debian Sid 2:3.2.6-1 None
lftp Debian Sid 4.9.2-2 None
wget Debian Sid 1.21.3-1 None
yersinia Ubuntu Jammy 0.8.2-2.1build1 None
info-beamer Ubuntu Jammy 1.0~pre3+dfsg-0.2build1 None
info-beamer Debian Sid 1.0~pre3+dfsg-0.2 None
lftp Ubuntu Impish 4.8.4-2build4 None
wget2 Debian Sid 1.99.1-2.2 None
gnome-audio Debian Sid 2.22.2-1.2 None
yersinia Debian Sid 0.8.2-2.1 None
lftp Ubuntu Focal 4.8.4-2build3 None
lftp Ubuntu Eoan 4.8.4-2build2 None
wget Debian Stretch 1.18-5+deb9u3 None
lftp Ubuntu Disco 4.8.4-2build1 None
listadmin Debian Sid 2.42-1.3 None
wget Debian Jessie 1.16-1+deb8u5 None
lftp Ubuntu Cosmic 4.8.1-1build1 None
yersinia Ubuntu Cosmic 0.8.2-2build1 None
ncftp Ubuntu Cosmic 2:3.2.5-2build1 None
wget Debian Experimental 1.19-1 None
info-beamer Ubuntu Zesty 1.0~pre3+dfsg-0.1build1 None
tcpreplay Debian Jessie 3.4.4-2+deb8u1 None
lftp Ubuntu Yakkety 4.7.2-1build1 None
tcpreplay Debian Sid 3.4.4-3 None
postmark Debian Sid 1.53-2 None
hwdata Debian Sid 0.290-1 None
info-beamer Ubuntu Yakkety 1.0~pre3-1.1build1 None
lftp Ubuntu Xenial 4.6.3a-1build2 None
smbc Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.2-4build1 None
yersinia Ubuntu Xenial 0.7.3-1build1 None
ncftp Ubuntu Xenial 2:3.2.5-1.1build1 None
libsys-cpuload-perl Debian Sid 0.03-7.1 None
info-beamer Ubuntu Xenial 1.0~pre3-1build1 None
lftp Debian Experimental 4.6.4-1 None
lftp Debian Jessie 4.6.0-1+deb8u1 None
wget Debian Wheezy 1.13.4-3+deb7u2 None
smbc Debian Sid 1.2.2-4 None
libsys-cpuload-perl Ubuntu Trusty 0.03-6build4 None
lftp Debian Wheezy 4.3.6-1+deb7u2 None
drac Debian Sid 1.12-8 None
libmail-pop3client-perl Debian Sid 2.18-1 None
tcpreplay Debian Wheezy 3.4.3-2+wheezy1 None
hammerhead Debian Sid 2.1.3-9.2 None
drac Ubuntu Precise 1.12-7.2 None
tcpreplay Ubuntu Precise 3.4.3-2ubuntu2 None
smbc Ubuntu Precise 1.2.2-3build1 arm64
crypt-ssleay Ubuntu Precise 0.57-2build2 None
libsys-cpuload-perl Ubuntu Precise 0.03-6build3 None
tcpreplay Ubuntu Oneiric 3.4.3-2ubuntu1 None
drac Ubuntu Oneiric 1.12-7.1 None
crypt-ssleay Ubuntu Oneiric 0.57-2build1 None
libsys-cpuload-perl Ubuntu Oneiric 0.03-6build2 None
pytrainer Ubuntu Oneiric 1.8.0-1 None
lftp Ubuntu Oneiric 4.2.2-1 None
pytrainer Debian Sid 1.8.0-1 None
lftp Ubuntu Natty 4.0.9-2 None
hwdata Ubuntu Natty 0.230-1 None
wget Debian Lenny 1.11.4-2+lenny2 None
lftp Debian Lenny 3.7.3-1+lenny1 None
hwdata Ubuntu Maverick 0.227-1 None
ncftp Ubuntu Maverick 2:3.2.4-1 None
listadmin Ubuntu Maverick 2.40-4 None
lftp Ubuntu Maverick 4.0.6-1 None
hammerhead Ubuntu Lucid 2.1.3-9.1 None
shapelib Debian Sid 1.2.10-4.2 None
lftp Ubuntu Lucid 4.0.2-1 None
tcpreplay Ubuntu Lucid 3.4.3-2 None
postmark Ubuntu Lucid 1.51-7 None
listadmin Ubuntu Lucid 2.40-3 None
gnome-audio Ubuntu Lucid 2.22.2-1 None
drac Ubuntu Lucid 1.12-7 None
doc-linux-de Ubuntu Lucid 2003.10-5 None
crypt-ssleay Ubuntu Lucid 0.57-2 None
lftp Ubuntu Karmic 3.7.15-1ubuntu1 None
175 of 242 results