I discovered Ubuntu Linux while looking for some way to get rid of illegal pirated operating system. Ubuntu's breezy brought freedom to me, and I thought it would be unfair if I don't help other people to enjoy the same freedom. So here I am currently trying to work with Pakistani Team and Ubuntu Urdu Translators team. I also try to distribute Ubuntu CDs in my neighborhood, among friends and family and I have recently convinced a friend to completely switch from Windows to Ubuntu.


I made a little tool for Ubuntu Urdu Translators and Gnome Urdu Translators. This tool is called "Urdu Word Bank" where translators come and contribute meanings and translations. Since last few days this project increased our capacity to translate Ubuntu packages faster than what we ever thought. I am hoping to see this trend grow. I have also released Source Code of Urdu Word Bank so that local linux developers can help us improve this little utility.

Urdu Word Bank
Source Code

I am also an active contributor on UrduWeb localization forums. Currently I am persuaing the community to realse a general policy guideline for Urdu Translators anywhere. On the same forums, we are actively discussing issues like quality assurance, standardizaton, technical aspects of translations.

I also added Nafees Web Naskh on the main inclusion queue.


An Urdu face in Ubuntu needs an Urdu font. I will soon contact locale and language pack maintainers about issues we are seeing when we test run our translations on Ubuntu.

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