Team participation for Simon Steinbeiß

Simon Steinbeiß is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Catfish Maintainers 2012-06-05 Member
Feedler Hackers Member The elementary Project, elementarydesign (old)
GTK Theme Config Maintainers 2013-07-17 Admin
Light Locker Settings Team 2014-02-16 Owner
Light-Locker Devs 2013-07-06 Member
LightDM GTK Switchers 2012-09-09 Member
LightDM Gtk+ Greeter Development Team 2013-02-02 Admin Subscribed
MenuLibre Developers 2012-11-23 Member
Shimmer Project 2010-01-17 Admin
The elementary Project Member elementarydesign (old)
Ubuntu Font Family Interest Group 2010-09-15 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2012-10-30 Member
Xfce4 Panel Profiles Team 2015-02-18 Member
Xubuntu Artwork 2011-11-05 Admin
Xubuntu Council 2014-05-15 Member
Xubuntu Developers 2014-04-09 Admin Not subscribed
Xubuntu Team 2011-11-05 Member
Xubuntu Users 2011-09-27 Member
Xubuntu Website 2012-04-24 Member
elementarydesign (old) 2011-03-09 Member