My name is Oscar Fabián Prieto, I live in Bogota, Colombia. I am a computers connectivity and maintenance technician, Currently i am studying computers ingeneering at Universidad Cooperativa of Colombia and i am working as a system analyst, i love technology and specially learning about its building, functioning and development.
Right at the time i was developing my carrer, i met a teacher, which i am so grateful and he showed us his Laptop, for us the best machine with an incredible system and an unknown technology, he shared the free software technology and gave us a copy of Ubuntu and from then on it was only knoledge.

During these years of studying i have met the Ubuntu’s community in Colombia and i have activelly participated in the broadcast area of distribution, i have participated in several events and activities in and out of town, but i also have worked with debian, opensuse, suselinux, mint and some others and i strongly shared Ubuntu because of its ease and great development that help the average usser to learn and approach to the Linux world

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