Team participation for Canonical Solutions QA Bot

Canonical Solutions QA Bot is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Canonical Solutions QA 2020-07-23 Member
Charmed Distribution of OSM Member OSM Charmers
Elasticsearch Charmers Member FE Team, [private team], [private team] Not subscribed
FCE Access 2020-08-04 Owner
FE Team Member [private team], [private team]
Foundation Team 2019-02-14 Member Not subscribed
Graylog Charmers Member FE Team, [private team], [private team] Not subscribed
Microsemi 2015-02-18 Member Not subscribed
OIL Charms Member Canonical Solutions QA
OSM Charmers 2019-03-22 Member Not subscribed
Plum grid team 2015-09-14 Member
Solutions QA release blocker 2020-07-16 Member
The Amd-seamicro team 2014-06-04 Member
The Avago team 2014-06-04 Member
The Fusionio team 2014-06-04 Member
The Lomond team 2014-06-04 Member
The Lsi team 2014-06-04 Member
The Maasha team 2015-09-22 Member Not subscribed
The Mellanox team 2014-06-04 Member
The Springfield Project 2014-06-04 Member
The Tpp-juniper team 2015-02-04 Admin Not subscribed
The Tpp-midokura team 2015-02-03 Admin Not subscribed
The Tpp-tigera team 2015-01-23 Admin Not subscribed
The Tpp-vmware team 2015-02-09 Admin
cisco-n1kv Member The Springfield Project
fce-astrazeneca Member Foundation Team
fce-f5 Member Foundation Team
fce-supermicro Member Foundation Team
fce-swissquote Member Foundation Team
fe-staging Member FE Team, [private team], [private team]
virtio-windows 2020-06-23 Member