Team participation for Online Services Managers

“Online Services Managers” team is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via
Candiru Hackers 2017-06-06 Owner
Curucú Hackers 2017-06-06 Owner
Online Services Jenkaas Administrators 2019-07-15 Admin
SIAB 2017-03-23 Owner
Snap Declaration Reviewers 2019-01-25 Owner
Snap Name Reviewers 2018-04-11 Owner
Submarine Member Curucú Hackers
Tanuki Squad 2017-06-06 Owner
Ubuntu Appstore Developers Member Ubuntu One Client Engineering team
Ubuntu One Client Engineering team 2017-06-06 Owner
Ubuntu One Music hackers 2017-06-06 Owner
Ubuntu One Team Member Ubuntu One Client Engineering team
Ubuntu Push Hackers 2017-06-06 Owner
Ubuntu Push Notifications Developers 2017-06-06 Owner
Ubuntu SSO 2-factor testers 2017-06-06 Owner
cerati hackers 2017-06-06 Owner
rnr-moderators 2016-06-20 Owner
software-center-developers 2017-06-06 Owner
software-store-developers Member software-center-developers
ubuntuone-blog-editors 2017-06-06 Owner