Team participation for OpenBMS JSC

OpenBMS JSC is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
OpenERP Accounting Experts 2010-09-18 Member
OpenERP Committers 2010-11-29 Member
OpenERP Community (OBSOLETE) 2010-10-30 Member
OpenERP Documentation Experts 2011-09-12 Member Not subscribed
OpenERP Framework Experts 2012-06-29 Member
OpenERP Localization Experts 2010-09-15 Member
OpenERP Manufacturing Experts 2010-11-23 Member
OpenERP Services Experts 2012-06-29 Member
OpenERP Training Community 2011-07-23 Member
OpenERP Useability Experts (OBSOLETE) 2012-07-31 Member
OpenERP Vietnam Driver 2011-09-05 Owner
OpenStack Team 2011-07-02 Member
openerp-i18n-vi 2011-09-05 Owner Not subscribed