A team for active contributors to the development of components for OpenCog Core and OpenCog Prime, including contributions in the categories of: AtomSpaces, Atom persistence and distributed AtomSpaces, CogServers, CogAgents, Cognitive algorithms (PLN, MOSES), Cognitive controllers (ECAN), Cybernetic 'senses' (e.g. RelEx, a natural language processing interface), Embodiment proxies (e.g. nao-proxy for Nao robots, metaverse-proxy for the Metaverse network of virtual worlds, etc.).

If you'd like to join the opencog-dev team, please discuss your application on the opencog-dev or the IRC channel #opencog on Freenode.

Executing (signing) a copyright assignment agreement is a prerequisite for joining opencog-dev. The copyright assignment agreement is based on the The Apache Software Foundation Individual Contributor License Agreement, which permits and requires you, as the the originator of works, to retain full copyrights to your contributions to OpenCog.

Small patches may be submitted via email. Larger patches should be submitted via a branch merge request on Launchpad (see your Launchpad user page to create a personal bzr branch and begin the process of sharing your code).

See also: http://opencog.org/wiki/Development_standards

Please note that, while contributions to OpenCog of most any kind are most welcome (i.e. you can publish a bzr branch of the opencog-trunk and tell the world about it!), membership in the OpenCog Core Developers team is strictly by invitation only. The process of becoming a core team member includes, typically, a few weeks of participation in mailing list discussions, IRC discussions, and the submission of patches or other material contributions (e.g. wiki edits, bug reports, answers for questions posted on answers.launchpad.net, etc.).

Other Administravia: Joining the opencog-dev team automatically subscribes your Launchpad-registered email address to the opencog-dev list which receives automated messages from buildbot (a continuous integration tool) and potentially other sources. Sorry, no exceptions for receiving these automated messages can be made; please use an email filter if you'd like to ignore them!

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