Maintained Packages

175 of 910 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
python-etcd3gw Ubuntu Bionic 0.2.1-1ubuntu0.18.04.1 None
python-posix-ipc Ubuntu Jammy 0.9.8-3build7 None
puppet-module-pcfens-filebeat Debian Sid 4.9.0-1 None
puppet-module-camptocamp-systemd Debian Sid 2.12.0-1 None
ruby-symboltable Debian Sid 1.0.2-1.1 None
ruby-rethtool Debian Sid 0.0.5-1.1 None
ruby-raemon Debian Sid 0.3.0+git.2012.05.18.b78eaae57c-1.1 None
ruby-cstruct Debian Sid 1.0.1-2.1 None
librarian-puppet-simple Debian Sid 0.0.5-3.1 None
python-xstatic-qunit Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jquery.bootstrap.wizard Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-cookies Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-mock Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-tv4 Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-term.js Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-spin Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-rickshaw Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-objectpath Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-magic-search Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jquery.tablesorter Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jquery.quicksearch Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jquery-migrate Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-bootswatch Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-schema-form Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-lrdragndrop Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-fileupload Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-smart-table Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-roboto-fontface Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jsencrypt Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jquery-ui Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-jasmine Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-hogan Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-font-awesome Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-d3 Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-bootstrap-scss Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-gettext Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular-bootstrap Debian Sid None
python-xstatic-angular Debian Sid None
python-jenkins Debian Sid 0.4.16-1.1 None
fonts-roboto-fontface Debian Sid 0.5.0-2.1 None
python-posix-ipc Ubuntu Hirsute 0.9.8-3build6 None
websockify Debian Stretch 0.8.0+dfsg1-7+deb9u1 None
python-pysaml2 Debian Stretch 3.0.0-5+deb9u1 None
rabbitmq-server Ubuntu Bionic 3.6.10-1ubuntu0.4 None
python-posix-ipc Ubuntu Focal 0.9.8-3build4 None
testresources Ubuntu Focal 2.0.0-2build1 None
python-xmlbuilder Ubuntu Focal 1.0-1build1 None
python-trollius Ubuntu Focal 2.1~b1-5build1 None
python-traceback2 Ubuntu Focal 1.4.0-5build1 None
python-termcolor Ubuntu Focal 1.1.0-2build1 None
python-pydot-ng Ubuntu Focal 1.0.0-3build1 None
python-nose-exclude Ubuntu Focal 0.5.0-1build1 None
python-logutils Ubuntu Focal 0.3.3-5build1 None
python-linecache2 Ubuntu Focal 1.0.0-3build1 None
python-functools32 Ubuntu Focal None
python-funcsigs Ubuntu Focal 1.0.2-4build1 None
python-msgpack Ubuntu Focal 0.5.6-1ubuntu1 None
python-wsaccel Ubuntu Focal 0.6.2-1build3 None
python-misaka Ubuntu Focal 1.0.2-5build6 None
python-git-os-job Debian Sid 1.0.1-3 None
python-autobahn Debian Buster 17.10.1+dfsg1-3+deb10u1 None
spice-html5 Ubuntu Xenial 0.1.4-1ubuntu1.16.04.1 None
spice-html5 Ubuntu Bionic 0.1.7-2ubuntu1 None
python-os-collect-config Debian Sid 10.3.0-2 None
python-pykmip Debian Stretch 0.5.0-4+deb9u1 None
neutron Debian Stretch 2:9.1.1-3+deb9u1 None
sphinxcontrib-programoutput Debian Sid 0.11-3.1 None
mistral Debian Stretch 3.0.0-4+deb9u1 None
python-openstackdocstheme Ubuntu Disco 1.27.1-0ubuntu1 None
keystone Debian Stretch 2:10.0.0-9+deb9u1 None
python-wsaccel Ubuntu Disco 0.6.2-1build2 None
python-misaka Ubuntu Disco 1.0.2-5build5 None
python-falcon Ubuntu Disco 1.0.0-2build5 None
python-wrapt Ubuntu Disco 1.9.0-3build2 None
python-posix-ipc Ubuntu Disco 0.9.8-3build2 None
175 of 910 results