Name for the OpenStack "E" release

Now that we know where the next design summit will be held, we can select the development codename for the "E" release.

The candidates are single-word cities near Boston. Please see the following options and cast your vote !

Feel free to advocate your favorite on

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Voting options

Name Title Active
eastham Eastham Yes
easton Easton Yes
edgartown Edgartown Yes
egremont Egremont Yes
elmwood Elmwood Yes
epping Epping Yes
epsom Epsom Yes
erving Erving Yes
essex Essex Yes
everett Everett Yes
exeter Exeter Yes

Voting has closed

Voting closed .


The winner(s) of this poll is(are) Essex

Here are the number of votes each option received.

Option Votes
Eastham 1
Easton 13
Edgartown 3
Egremont 1
Elmwood 12
Epping 6
Epsom 9
Erving 3
Essex 32
Everett 10
Exeter 26