OpenStack "F" release naming

We need to decide on the name of the future OpenStack "F" release (Fall 2012). We follow the naming rules from -- in this case cities or counties in California starting with "F", forming a single word of 10 characters or less. The candidates were compiled by combining and,_places,_and_neighborhoods_in_California#F

Simple Voting
Secret Votes (It's impossible to track a person's vote)

Voting options

Name Title Active
fairfax Fairfax Yes
fairfield Fairfield Yes
fallbrook Fallbrook Yes
farmington Farmington Yes
fawnskin Fawnskin Yes
fellows Fellows Yes
felton Felton Yes
ferndale Ferndale Yes
fiddletown Fiddletown Yes
fillmore Fillmore Yes
finley Finley Yes
firebaugh Firebaugh Yes
floriston Floriston Yes
flournoy Flournoy Yes
folsom Folsom Yes
fontana Fontana Yes
forbestown Forbestown Yes
foresta Foresta Yes
foresthill Foresthill Yes
fortuna Fortuna Yes
fowler Fowler Yes
freedom Freedom Yes
freestone Freestone Yes
fremont Fremont Yes
fresno Fresno Yes
friant Friant Yes
fullerton Fullerton Yes
fulton Fulton Yes

Voting has closed

Voting closed .


The winner(s) of this poll is(are) Folsom

Here are the number of votes each option received.

Option Votes
Fairfax 9
Fairfield 2
Fallbrook 3
Farmington 1
Fawnskin 11
Fellows 2
Felton 3
Ferndale 4
Fiddletown 13
Fillmore 12
Finley 6
Firebaugh 2
Floriston 0
Flournoy 1
Folsom 50
Fontana 12
Forbestown 0
Foresta 3
Foresthill 0
Fortuna 33
Fowler 6
Freedom 35
Freestone 9
Fremont 16
Fresno 15
Friant 2
Fullerton 0
Fulton 3