Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
fortunes-mario Debian Sid 0.21-1.1 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Focal 0.0.11+nmu1build1 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Focal 0.3.1+nmu1build1 None
python-cups Ubuntu Artful 1.9.73-1build2 None
trac Debian Sid 1.2+dfsg-1 None
suede Debian Sid 0.2.5-1.1 None
gartoon Debian Sid 0.5-4.1 None
python-cups Debian Sid 1.9.73-1 None
python-cups Ubuntu Xenial 1.9.73-0ubuntu2 None
debpartial-mirror Debian Sid 0.3.1+nmu1 None
python-cups Ubuntu Wily 1.9.73-0ubuntu1 None
python-cdd Debian Sid 0.0.11+nmu1 None
doxymacs Debian Sid 1.8.0-6.1 None
tcm Debian Sid 2.20+TSQD-4.4 None
freerdp Debian Sid 1.0.2-1 None
freerdp Debian Wheezy 1.0.1-1.1+deb7u2 None
python-cups Debian Experimental 1.9.62-1 None
system-config-printer Debian Sid 1.3.7-4 None
abntex Debian Sid 0.9~beta2-5.1 None
freerdp Ubuntu Precise 1.0.0-0git1 None
system-config-printer Debian Experimental 1.3.7-2 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Precise 0.3.1 None
abntex Ubuntu Oneiric 0.9~beta2-5 None
freerdp Ubuntu Oneiric 0.8.2-2build1 None
freerdp Ubuntu Natty 0.8.2-2 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Natty 0.0.11 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Natty 0.2.99 None
freerdp Ubuntu Maverick 0.7.2-1 None
abntex Debian Squeeze 0.9~beta2-3.1 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Maverick 0.0.10 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Maverick 0.2.98 None
abntex Ubuntu Lucid 0.9~beta2-3.1 None
doxymacs Ubuntu Lucid 1.8.0-6 None
system-config-printer Debian Squeeze 1.0.0-6 None
system-config-printer Debian Lenny 1.0.0-4lenny1 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Karmic 0.0.9 None
no-ip Ubuntu Karmic 2.1.9-3 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Karmic 0.2.97 None
no-ip Debian Sid 2.1.9-3 None
python-cups Ubuntu Jaunty 1.9.45-0ubuntu1 None
no-ip Ubuntu Jaunty 2.1.9-1 None
doxymacs Ubuntu Jaunty 1.8.0-4 None
search-ccsb Debian Sid 0.5-3 None
laptop-detect Debian Sid 0.13.7 None
tcm Debian Lenny 2.20+TSQD-4.2 None
suede Debian Lenny 0.2.5-1 None
search-citeseer Debian Lenny 0.3-1 None
search-ccsb Debian Lenny 0.5-2 None
python-cups Debian Lenny 1.9.31-1 None
python-cdd Debian Lenny 0.0.8 None
no-ip Debian Lenny 2.1.7-10 None
laptop-detect Debian Lenny 0.13.6 None
gartoon Debian Lenny 0.5-4 None
fortunes-mario Debian Lenny 0.20-7 None
doxymacs Debian Lenny 1.8.0-4 None
debpartial-mirror Debian Lenny 0.2.96 None
abntex Debian Lenny 0.9~beta2-2.1 None
search-ccsb Ubuntu Intrepid 0.5-3 None
python-cups Ubuntu Intrepid 1.9.41-0ubuntu1 None
fortunes-mario Ubuntu Intrepid 0.20-7 None
doxymacs Ubuntu Intrepid 1.8.0-3 None
tcm Ubuntu Intrepid 2.20+TSQD-4.2 None
no-ip Ubuntu Intrepid 2.1.7-9 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Intrepid 0.2.96 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Intrepid 0.0.8 None
abntex Ubuntu Intrepid 0.9~beta2-2.1 None
gartoon Ubuntu Hardy 0.5-4ubuntu2 None
python-cups Ubuntu Hardy 1.9.34-0ubuntu1 None
no-ip Ubuntu Hardy 2.1.7-7 None
python-cups Ubuntu Gutsy 1.9.27-0ubuntu1 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Gutsy 0.0.7 None
fortunes-mario Ubuntu Gutsy 0.20-5 None
graveman Ubuntu Gutsy 0.3.12-5-1ubuntu1 None
tcm Ubuntu Gutsy 2.20+TSQD-4 powerpc i386 amd64
no-ip Ubuntu Feisty 2.1.3-3build1 None
175 of 116 results