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openjpeg (1.5.0-2precise0~ppa) precise; urgency=high

  * Adding libopenjpeg-java. Closes: #510443
  * Update d/control so that it is easier to backport to stable
  * Provide a fix for cmake commit a2be068c
  * Provide a symlinks openjpeg.h -> openjpeg-1.5/openjpeg.h for easier
  * Add openjpip-server package: openjpip-server
   - Add init script
   - Fix default location of tempfile to be in /tmp
  * Add openjpip java based clients packages:
   - openjpip-viewer
   - openjpip-viewer-xerces
 -- Otto Meier <email address hidden>   Sat, 21 Dec 2013 19:02:07 +0100

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