Team participation for Duncan McGreggor

Duncan McGreggor is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Canonical-Twisted Alumni 2010-04-01 Owner Subscribed
Glance 2011-10-20 Member
Keystone Devs 2011-10-21 Member
Launchpad Beta Testers 2009-03-20 Member
Lisp Flavored Erlang 2014-09-27 Owner
Lisp Flavored Erlang Dev 2014-09-27 Owner
Lisp Flavored Erlang Exchange 2014-09-27 Owner
Martin Pitt's fan 2010-02-24 Member
Mind Pool Dev Member Mind Pool OpenStack
Mind Pool OpenStack 2012-09-26 Member
Nova 2011-10-20 Member
Nova API Team 2012-02-28 Member Subscribed
Nova Operational Support Team 2011-12-07 Admin
Nova Testing Cleanup Team 2011-11-29 Member Subscribed
OpenStack Contributors 2012-01-05 Member
OpenStack DevOps 2012-04-25 Owner
OpenStack DevOps Drivers 2012-04-30 Owner
OpenStack Python3 Migration Team 2013-04-10 Member
OpenStack Team Member Nova
Original txAWS Team 2008-07-01 Owner Subscribed
Paisley Developers 2008-07-23 Member Not subscribed
Paisley Users Member Paisley Developers Not subscribed
Pecha Publisher Devs 2010-09-11 Owner
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
PyMite Dev 2009-05-15 Owner
PyRTF Developers 2009-10-21 Owner
Python Memcached Team 2008-07-22 Member
Rackspace 2013-07-01 Owner
Rackspace Autoscale 2013-07-01 Owner
Rackspace Heat 2013-07-01 Owner
Swift 2011-10-20 Member
Twisted Community Managers 2008-05-31 Owner Subscribed
Twisted-dev 2008-02-20 Member
Ubuntu Accomplishments Contributors 2012-03-05 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu AllStars 2010-03-22 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Chumby Hackers 2009-06-01 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Members 2010-03-12 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Members
Velankani Group Member Mind Pool Dev, Mind Pool OpenStack
anvil-dev 2012-03-16 Member Not subscribed
mosquitto-users 2012-10-05 Member
myriad-worlds dev team 2011-04-27 Owner
oerppy Hackers 2011-06-01 Owner Subscribed
pymon Devs 2011-12-13 Owner
simple-graph 2008-12-11 Owner
txAMQP-dev 2009-06-18 Member Subscribed
txAMQP-user Member txAMQP-dev Subscribed
txAWS Administration 2009-08-19 Owner
txAWS Committers 2009-04-23 Admin Subscribed
txAWS Technical List 2012-01-24 Member Subscribed
txAWS Users List 2009-08-18 Owner Subscribed
txCumulus Devs 2009-11-19 Owner
txGenshi Development 2010-01-05 Owner
txGenshi Team 2008-07-16 Owner
txRackspace Devs 2009-11-19 Owner
txSimpleDB Team 2008-07-01 Owner
txSpore Devs 2009-09-11 Owner
txULS Devs 2008-07-06 Owner