Team participation for Pablo Rubianes

Pablo Rubianes is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
5 A Day Participants 2010-04-03 Member
Beginners Team Answers 2010-01-16 Member
CLI Companion Development Team 2012-10-02 Member Subscribed
Desarrolladores Ubuntu Uy 2012-10-10 Owner Subscribed
Do Users 2009-07-24 Member Subscribed
Docky Users 2010-07-26 Member
Jabber Users 2009-09-10 Member Subscribed
LatinLoCoS 2010-10-31 Owner
Launchpad Beta Testers 2011-05-10 Member
Launchpad Translators 2009-10-12 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Users 2009-07-03 Member Subscribed
Python 2009-08-02 Member
SpreadUbuntu 2009-08-20 Member Subscribed
Stipple Development Team 2011-08-02 Admin
TortoiseBZR Developers 2009-08-11 Member Not subscribed
UbuConLA 2011-11-19 Owner Subscribed
UbuConLA Charlas 2012-04-04 Owner
Ubuntu @ Toshiba computers 2009-08-03 Member
Ubuntu Answers 2009-08-03 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Classroom ES 2010-05-03 Owner
Ubuntu Classroom Team Member Ubuntu User Days Team
Ubuntu Guitarists 2009-08-20 Member
Ubuntu Latinoamérica 2009-09-28 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team
Ubuntu Marketing Team 2009-08-20 Member
Ubuntu Montevideo 2009-09-01 Owner
Ubuntu Phone 2013-06-11 Member
Ubuntu UY Website Team 2011-05-21 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team 2009-07-22 Admin
Ubuntu User Days Instructors Member Ubuntu User Days Team
Ubuntu User Days Team 2010-01-17 Member
Ubuntu Users Member Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team
Ubuntu entusiastas 2011-05-13 Admin Subscribed
UnityShell Webapps 2013-06-11 Member Not subscribed
UnityShellBlog Member UnityShell Webapps Not subscribed
Uruguay LoCo Team Council 2009-10-17 Owner Subscribed
memberslatinos 2011-02-11 Owner