So, I'm Paul (aka Carroues), getting towards late 40s at the time of writing.

I have lived in the UK - Glasgow, south London, Exeter - and in France - Toulouse, Aveyron and Nièvre "départements", and, since quite recently, close to Clermont-Ferrand.

Basically, I'm totally clueless about a computer or software, having no formal training whatsoever in those domains but I'm working hard to get to grips with them ! It's just an amateur thing as I don't go anywhere near a PC for my work in the printing industry. Well, not in the way most people mean that !

I tried first for a few years with ... damn, I forgot their name, but you can probably guess because there's a lot of them around, a bit like fast-food restaurants ... and about as good too !

Anyway, I surfed a lot and heard of Linux and felt I wanted to give it a try some 3 years ago now. After various different attempts with Aurox (Red Hat), Mandrake and Mandriva, I heard about Ubuntu.

I won't say it was love at first sight with Linux after several years running a "junk-food" OS, but there was a good feeling with it and the community spirit - like the Ubuntu forum - was excellent ... so 2 years later I'm still running Ubuntu and very, very happy, especially when I can contribute.

As a "bilingual", I do my best with translations into French (Weekly Letter, Full Circle & Ubuntu Docs). I also help in the Ubuntu-fr (French) Forum, helping out newbies mainly, but also anybody else I feel I can help despite my lack of in-depth knowledge.

That's another fun part of Ubuntu : the others !

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