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Mandriva contains multiple libc versions targeted at different applications. There is some work needed on all of the above: 1) glibc needs libs <-> executables cleanly split in packaging. 2) uClibc (and LSB) uses a different elf loader that needs to be added as an explcit file dependency (currently a devel(...) d... Sagemath is a collection of mathematical software. Mandriva has sagemath packaged and integrated in the distro, having as few as possible duplicated software under the sagemath install tree and uses mostly distro packages. Update from previous to newer version usually takes from 1 day to 2 w...
Mandriva packaging has traditionally been "biarch" with both elf32 and elf64 included in a single package. There are efforts to change this to be more similar to other distros for multilib packaging. The two common multilib schemes are: 1) like OpenSuSE where multilib is split across multiple repositories, basica...
A tracker for issues upgrading to GCC 4.7

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