Team participation for Paul Sokolovsky

Paul Sokolovsky is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
KiCad Developers 2014-12-04 Member Not subscribed
LAVA Lab SSH access 2012-11-13 Member
Linaro Member Linaro Android Team
Linaro "Android Archive" team 2013-02-08 Member
Linaro AWS developers Member Linaro Automation & Validation
Linaro Android Bot Maintainers 2011-09-23 Admin
Linaro Android Builders 2011-04-11 Admin
Linaro Android Official Builders 2011-06-12 Admin
Linaro Android Restricted Builders Team 2012-04-10 Member
Linaro Android Team 2011-11-24 Member
Linaro Automation & Validation 2013-02-18 Member
Linaro Automation & Validation Drivers Member Linaro Automation & Validation
Linaro CI Builder and Testing service Member linaro-infrastructure-drivers, Linaro Infrastructure
Linaro Connect theme developers Member Linaro Infrastructure
Linaro Infrastructure 2011-04-11 Member
Linaro LAVA Access Member Linaro, Linaro Android Team
Linaro Toolchain Builds Member Linaro Toolchain Developers, Linaro Infrastructure Not subscribed
Linaro Toolchain Developers Member Linaro Infrastructure Not subscribed
Linaro Validation Drivers Member Linaro Validation Team, Linaro Automation & Validation
Linaro Validation Team Member Linaro Automation & Validation
Linaro developers private 2012-04-12 Member
big.LITTLE Switcher private Member Linaro developers private
linaro-android-member-hisilicon 2013-05-10 Owner
linaro-android-member-hisilicon-restricted 2013-05-10 Owner
linaro-image-tools maintainers Member Linaro Infrastructure
linaro-infrastructure-drivers Member Linaro Infrastructure