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Whole Host Allocation for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Allow a tenant to allocate all of the capacity of a host for their exclusive use. The host remains part of the Nova configuration, i.e. this is different from bare metal provisioning in that the tenant is not getting access to the Host OS - just a dedicated pool of compute capacity. This gives the tenant guarant...
The configuration option resume_guests_state_on_host_boot defines a global policy on whether or not to restart instances when a host reboots. Because a host may be down for a significant period of time many cloud applications monitor their own instances and launch replacements restarting all instances is rarely the...
API to list supported scheduler hints for OpenStack Compute (nova)
The Nova API for instance creation supports a scheduler_hints mechanism whereby the user can pass additional placement related information into the Nova scheduler. The implementation of scheduler_hints lies (mostly) in the various scheduler filters, and the set of hints which are supported on any system therefore d...

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