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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
comedilib Odemis - Ubuntu Focal 0.11.0+5-1delmic3focal1 None
odemis Odemis - Ubuntu Bionic 3.1.9-1bionic1 None
odemis Odemis - Ubuntu Xenial 3.1.9-1 None
odemis Odemis - Ubuntu Focal 3.1.8-1focal4 None
comedilib Odemis proposed - Ubuntu Focal 0.11.0+5-1delmic2focal1 None
comedilib Odemis proposed - Ubuntu Bionic 0.11.0+5-1delmic2 None
odemis-doc Odemis - Ubuntu Xenial 3.1.1-1 None
pylibtiff Odemis proposed - Ubuntu Focal 0.4.4-1 None
pyro4-delmic Odemis proposed - Ubuntu Bionic 4.18-20210205-1ubuntu5 None