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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
boinc Debian Sid 7.9.3+dfsg-1 2018-03-11 None
boinc Debian Experimental 7.9.3+dfsg-1exp1 2018-03-11 None
boinc-app-eah-brp Ubuntu Bionic 0.20170426+dfsg-10build1 2018-02-01 None
boinc Ubuntu Bionic 7.8.4+dfsg-2~build1 2018-01-11 None
boinc-app-eah-brp Debian Sid 0.20170426+dfsg-10 2018-01-09 None
boinc-app-seti Debian Sid 8.00~svn3701-1 2017-09-11 None
boinc-app-seti Debian Experimental 8.00~svn3701-1~exp1 2017-09-11 None
boinc Ubuntu Artful 7.8.2+dfsg-3~build2 2017-09-07 None
boinc-app-eah-brp Ubuntu Artful 0.20170426+dfsg-2build2 2017-08-06 None
boinc Debian Jessie 7.4.23+dfsg-1+deb8u1 2017-07-22 None